Earth Habitat in the Planetarium Hamburg


Was expanded in this journey about our earth together withProf Dr. Matthias count on legislation, Director of the facility for nature (CeNak), University of Hamburg, as well as with the assistance of the Rüm Hart Foundation.

Living networks link as well as sustain any type of type of life kind. This holds true for nests of little microorganisms, however likewise for populaces of huge whales, as well as not the very least for the ever-expanding human cultures. The beginning factor of the excellent trip right into THE fantastic globe OF LIFE in a dynamic port, with its cranes as well as containers types. Not much from him, a marsh in which birds look for food to go.

But what’s the factor of the surface area of the water? At the celebrity dome of the Planetarium of Hamburg, site visitors are submersed in an undersea globe as well as see themselves in the middle of kelp woodlands as well as their citizens. In doing so, you not observe just how also the tiniest water pets offer just the Survival of the seeker, however likewise on food search go. Everything is adjoined in remarkable methods.

So, also, in the rich underwood of a Douglasienwalds, where little ants leave the limbs of the target market prickling– particularly, if you follow them under the woodland flooring, as well as comprehend just how micro-organisms on the Survival of the biggest trees of the planet are included. Not the very least, the site visitors traveling in the ENVIRONMENT of PLANET on the planet area as well as consider the worldwide as well as vibrant network of life on our earth in the planetary system.

“We often overlook how much we are involved in planet-wide, even cosmic, networks and life cycles, and in which dependencies we are in. The Planetarium in Hamburg has made in the past years to the task, to raise the awareness of its visitors for these important relationships and the view of the stars and distant worlds with our very own !Wonderful world of life! to connect,” statesProf Thomas W. Kraupe, Director of PlanetariumHamburg “In HABITAT EARTH, of this especially, because here are the amazing links ‘space – to – earth life’ in a unique way and a unique experience.”

The types variety remains in threat

The Awareness of the interconnectedness of our setting is very important for our life as well as Survival Because of the all-natural Interaction is delicate as well as conscious humanIntervention This is likewiseProf Dr. Matthias count on legislation, come with in Hamburg, revealed, broadened variation of the ENVIRONMENT PLANET with his specialist anxieties: “We, like all other living beings of this planet also – the product of a unique evolution process on this earth. Only we do not conduct ourselves after this.” The zoologist, scientific research author as well as Director of the CeNak likewise released a publication on this style as well as the heading to match: “the end of the Evolution Of man and the destruction of the species.”

The Rüm Hart Foundation, based in Hamburg, is the topic of Biodiversity– the variety of types— likewise extremely near to my heart. Therefore, the individual liable was the ENVIRONMENT of the financial backing of the task, the PLANET is extremely vital. “Climate change is now recognized by all people as a serious Problem,” statesDr Dirk Janssen, Chairman of the Board of theFoundation “But if you listen to die today, the word species, you think of the dinosaurs 60 million years ago and not the fact that annually thousands of species of animals and plants disappear from our planet.” To produce Intensive farming straight before our door, the securing of the landscape by roadways as well as growth, along with the massive usage of sources to make the wild pets, plants as well as pests. “Also on the subject of species extinction, we have a need for urgent action”, endsJanssen


The global Version of the planetarium program, ENVIRONMENT PLANET, was currently a range of honors consisting of the Directors Award at the Central European Fulldome Festival Brno as well as Jena International FullDomeFestival In enhancement, she was a finalist at the Jackson Hole Wildlife FilmFestival Not the very least of all the Germans, broadened variation is a main payment to the UN years of Biological variety.

As the Narrator of this German variation of Christina Marquitan acts. In enhancement to efficiencies as a starlet as well as vocalist on phase as well as in tv, the Hamburg- birthed female likewise functions thoroughly in the Film as well as tv synchronization, to name a few the German voice of global celebrity SalmaHayek In enhancement, you will certainly review a range of radio plays as well as publications for public broadcasters, and also as a narration in literary works, as well as paperwork for deliveries is energetic, as an example, in the ZDF as well as ARTE.

The occasion, ENVIRONMENT PLANET– THE fantastic globe OF LIFE is from the 7. November 2020 consistently on the strategy of the celebrity theater in Hamburg’s city Park as well as is open for site visitors from the age of 10 years

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