A TELEVISION night with JFK, Angelina Jolie or Sauerkraut” tiny newspaper.at


1031 PM,29 October 2020

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Night darkness: Alcohol moves perfectly, tablet computers make the rounds and also at the end of the Party, a 16-Year- old dead. The brand-new episodes of the criminal activity collection since, atmospherically thick, the pictures are solid and also spread out a spooky elegance. And the voltage is additionally real.
ARD, 20.15 clock


Matze, Kebab and also Sauerkraut: Such a multi-kulti-Gaude can quickly go sidewards, it does not in this instance. The Comedy concerning a Jew, a Muslim and also a wonderful blonde from Bavaria, is enjoyable, is usually overwrought and also overstated, however never ever to the international repent.
ZDF, 20.15 clock


Wanted: An appealing ruthless Comic publication movie with an ultra-cool Angelina Jolie as a strangeUnknown Wild gunplay, mythological powers, insane impacts. All- comprehensive!
VOX, 22.30


John F. Kennedy– Tatort Dallas: The Film by Oliver Stone, prompted at the time (1991), since he was the solitary offender concept concerned. But the political Thriller with Kevin Costner and also Gary Oldman is constantly worth seeing.
ATV2, 20.15 clock

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