Gift from Rihanna brings Heidi Klum to Dance


Heidi Klum (47) has plenty of pleasure. Why? The Model needs to obtain undergarments as a present. But not from partner Tom Kaulitz (31). No, the black underwear originates from a vocalist and also designer Rihanna (32, “Diamonds”) directly. Apparently, this produced for Klum’s very own Set of underwears and also Bustier, which is offered with the customized engraving “Savage X Heidi”.

How Klum for the interest many thanks? In the instance of Instagram, she places on a sensuous dancing, naturally, just in her brand-new undergarments. A swing of the hips right here, a lascivious search in there. You composed: “I love you, Rihanna, thank you for my gift.”

Halloween is everything about scary celebration

Halloween is everything about scary celebration

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