Hot witch: Model as well as speaker converts on Halloween in the footprints of Angelina Jolie


On Saturday it was time once more: a variety of scare around making rattling toHalloween And additionally these celebrity-lady insinuated an expensive outfit.

Frankfurt am Main – On Saturday it was time once more. Young as well as Old, gorgeous outfits tossed themselves in strangely as well as commemorated the “night of ghosts”, much better referred to as Halloween The Celebrities created no exemption. A popular German Model strolled in their outfit of option also on the path of a genuine Hollywood- dimension.

Photo montage: Hollywood Star Angelina Jolie (45/l.) played in the Disney movie, the dark Fairy "Maleficent". Halloween slipped Model and presenter Rebecca Mir (28) in the elaborate witch costume.

Photo mosaic: Hollywood Star Angelina Jolie (45/ l.) played in the Disney flick, the dark Fairy in”Maleficent” Halloween slid Model as well as speaker Rebecca Mir (28) in the fancy witch outfit. © Mounting: Screenshot of the Instagram Story/ rebeccamir, Grant Pollard/Invision/ dpa.

In your Instagram Story released ProSieben speaker Rebecca Mir (28) of your Transformation to wicked Disney Fairy “Maleficent,” which was personified by none apart from starlet Angelina Jolie (45) in 2 eponymous strip.

Due to the present Corona pandemic, Rebecca was unable to perform the Look, however to a big HalloweenParty Instead, she cooperated an ideal Instagram-Post several of your previous Horror Looks with her 800,000 fans.

This she asked with the inquiry “What is the Look of the last years on finding her?” straight to connect. The option had their Fans below in between a sophisticated skeletal system face Make-Up, a vampire-Partner Outfit, with her hubby, professional dancer Massimo Sinat ó (39) or a bloody undead outfit.

The Fans all Look to stated, relatively similarly. So remarks like “All just mega, Rebecca piled up! The first picture is best because it is especially made up of authentic creepy, I find” or “All of you, and I wish you a happy Halloween, love Rebecca” as well as demonstrated how well the Model shows up, also in Shocker-Look at their fans.

The Halloween night invested Rebecca as well as Massimo comfortably in your very own 4 wall surfaces, a little Horror, you were not to take this night, however still.

“We watch tonight a Horror movie,” she created in final thought, in your photo trademark.

Cover image: Montage: Screenshot of the Instagram Story/ rebeccamir, Grant Pollard/Invision/ dpa

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