Roland Emmerich: shooting beginning for the brand-new catastrophe flick


Roland Emmerich has actually begun striving his brand-new catastrophe flick “moon case”: the celebrity-Director revealed through”Twitter” The 64-Year- old contacted a Clapperboard, to check out the title of the strip is: “Excited to start the production of my new film ‘moon case’!”

According to the United States sector web page “Deadline” began the turning, as formerly prepared, in the canadian city ofMontreal The Name of the flick with Emmerich- a normal activity bombast incidentally program: for some unidentified factor the moon out of its typical orbit tool and also intimidates to dive to planet. A disgraced NASA Astronaut, played by Patrick Wilson, and also his previous associate, that is played by Halle Berry, is to stop this disaster at any type of cost, as well as likewise the scenarios to make clear.

“Deadline”, according to 136 million United States bucks Emmerich for the manufacturing. The moon accident to find in 2022 in the movie theaters.

Roland Emmerich - "White House Down" Germany Premiere

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