Jennifer Lopez and also Armie Hammer tackle the major duties


LosAngeles Jennifer Lopez (51, “The Boy Next Door”) and also Armie Hammer (34, “Call Me By Your Name”) will certainly presume the major duties in the intended Action-Romance”Shotgun Wedding” “Pitch Perfect”Director Jason Moore will certainly begin very early following year with the manufacturing, claimed the Studio Lionsgate on Tuesday.

The Story focuses on the couple Darcy (Lopez) and also Tom (the Hammer) that have actually welcomed their about a huge wedding event party. Shortly prior to the Event, both obtain cool feet, after that the pricey Celebration is made likewise of offenders on the head, the site visitors and also hijack. The Couple must, and also its visitors, to conserve.

Lopez was last seen in the motion picture “Hustlers” to

Latina Star Lopez was last seen in the motion picture “Hustlers” (2019) in the function of an Ex- pole dancer on the canvas. Hammer played in 2018 in the “Hotel Mumbai” and also in “The calling – your fight for justice.” He arrived for the Oscar prize-winning book, a movie adjustment of “Call Me By Your Name” (2017).

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