News-Video: Lady Gaga, + Jennifer Lopez – responses to Trump loss


Lady Gaga
Stars Celebrate Trump Defeat

Lady Gaga resist the rips: For them the political election outcome is an excellent alleviation.


Lady Gaga can rarely think her good luck in words: Several Stars applauded on the weekend break on the web concerning the political election loss of UNITED STATE President DonaldTrump

That Donald Trump in Hollywood was not especially preferred, is a public knowledge – for a previous Reality TELEVISION-Star is maybe unusual, however because the several polarizing Comments from the United States President, not remarkably. Now many Stars as well as celebs on Instagram allow your delight sensations concerning the option of Joe Biden for the following President to run complimentary.

“You can again feel good”

Some of them, such as Lady Gaga, were also proactively associated with the project as well as resist the rips while you speak with yourFans Others more than happy to simply automatically with a tiny road celebration as well as applaud on an excellent worry dropped from the shoulders.


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