Roland Emmerich: So numerous billions, a played his Blockbuster individuals


He look never ever tv. He never ever does sporting activities. Roland Emmerich “creates” today in his65 Birthday.

An Ex- airplane-hall in Montreal (Canada). Roland Emmerich, “The Master of Disaster”, is putting on a mask and also Baseball cap and also to conserve our globe!

He transforms the Sci-Fi legendary “moon case” (2022) with Donald Sutherland (85) and also Halle Berry (54). The 130- million-Story: The moon collisions on the planet!

1984: Director’s launching: “The Noah’s ark principle,” was the last job of Emmerich at the Film-AcademyPhoto: ddp photos

The “Swabian Spielberg” from Stuttgart-Obert ürkheim is the catastrophe movie-a kid Prodigy of Hollywood.

Three billion euros in cash money made his 28 movies. Almost every one of them were hits like “Independence Day”, “Godzilla”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, “2012” and also “White House Down”.

1992: an advancement in Hollywood: “Universal Soldier” with Jean-Claude Van Damme(60)Photo: mauritius photos/ AA Film Archi

Who saw him, remains in the skies over Hollywood.

A palm-property, half-castle, fifty percent-Hotel Here, Errol Flynn († 50) lived earlier. Today, Helen Mirren (75, “The Queen”) is his next-door neighbor. He has actually developed a tower with a Penthouse swimmingPool Now he can see the Pacific strategy as necessary.

Here he deals with his partner Omar De Soto (34). An island inParadise To do this, he has a Villa in London and also a luxury yacht in Thailand.

2000: historic Drama: “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson (64)Photo: mauritius photos/ AA Film Archi

He was never ever inadequate. His father was a manufacturing facility proprietor (mower).

As a Boy, he snuck in a Romper fit with a Teddy bear upon the open door framework and also enjoyed Black- and also-White- TV-movies: “It was magical!”

Roland Emmerich Omar De Soto (R) has on 22. July 2017 married in Los Angeles

Roland Emmerich Omar De Soto (R) carries22 July 2017 wed in Los AngelesPhoto: Centropolis Entertainment


“You just do what you’re good at – without fear!”

He enjoys publications, is really late and also intends to make flicks till he remains in a mobility device: “You have your Dreams to follow!”

Movies his life: “I’m afraid that everything is just a dream and I Wake up in the office of the Bank officials!”

No– today he awakens as one of the most effective German Director of all the motion picture times.

Happy Birthday,Mr Hollywood!

Roland Emmerich(R) with IMAGE-columnist Norbert Körzdörfer

Roland Emmerich (R) with IMAGE-columnist Norbert KörzdörferPhoto: Wolf Lux

Roland Emmerich's sister Ute (58)and mother Hedwig (92)

Roland Emmerich’s sis Ute (58) and also mommy Hedwig (92)Photo: Agency People Image

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