The Masked Singer: With glasses: Wigald Boning appears from under the frog outfit


The frog, the feline and also the Hippo needed to shudder in the brand-new Episode of”The Masked Singer” Result: another day, right will certainly not be.

If frogs Modern Talking covers and also Aliens “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus (27) surging, after that The Masked Singer is up and also running once again”” In the brand-new episode on ProSieben was enabled to take beside Sonja Zietlow (52), Bülent Ceylan (44) the infinite program student Elton (49) as a visitor juror for the area. Especially the last publication placed with a baffle-filled note, investigator skill of the day, the Sherlock Holmes deserved it. In completion, just his nose is not erschnüffelte yet properly that lagged the previous frog.

In the Video over: Know that? These Stars existed in the American version!

Tremble at “The Masked Singer”

Three prospects were shivering, and also, consequently, two times tryout. The Hippo and also the feline, even with an exceptional singing efficiency, all 3 participants of the court concurred and also the frog. Great Comedy Talent, paired with a modest voice: plainly, behind the enthusiastic amphibian simply needed to place Wigald Boning (53, “The Stupid”), were Elton, Zietlow and also Ceylan certain as heck.

Wigald Boning is the frog

Said the frog needed to provide at the end of the episode, his identification – not remarkably, it was really Germany’s most renowned clever individual. Suitable for this objective: Somehow it had actually taken care of to Boning also under the mask, his glasses maintain to be dealt with.

An extremely intriguing deal Zietlow had incidentally for your Jury- comrades-in-arms in the Episode,Elton The moderates are understood to “beat the Star” and also the forest Queen, his very own declaration, been asked to typically, and also provided him to take on him as a prospect. Elton versus Zietlow in “beat the Star”? That appears greater than appealing, Stefan Raab (54) Ex- rail Intern to swing away instantly. Had somebody’s trousers on the Show?

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In the Video listed below we will certainly reveal you all the outfits of the brand-new period!

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