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The distressed hearts of “private track detective” Hartwig, a girl has actually gone away without a trace. During his examination, he experiences a sect.

Family daddy Felix Kepler (Michael Witten birthed) do not understand which one yet: His precious child Evelyn (Caroline Hellwig) has actually gone away without a trace, in parallel, his partner (Michaela Caspar) is likewise still in the medical facility. In anxiety, he counts on the private detective Hartwig Seeler (Matthias Koeberlin), to make the Missing track. Under the title “Hartwig Seeler – Dangerous memory” reveals the ARD, the very first police procedural private detective and also currently as a repeat.

Soon Seeler smokes on a vital track: The child appears to be a sect linked. Immediately, the private investigator makes heading to a Croatian exclusive island, on which the odd neighborhood of confidence has actually created a cult of theirGuru Spiritual redemption with the Immersion is assured right into his very own subconscious using hypnotherapy, the be successful in is to. For Seeler, that seems alluring, he is distressed by the unintended fatality of his partner. Personal and also Professional are combined, and also rapidly the concern develops: What is actual, what is simple creativity?

Ex- COP-I has to quickly wrap up that the human Psyche has lots of a Trick up his sleeve. Sure, using hypnotherapy long-repressed injuries can be exposed. Just as most likely this is yet to Invent “facts”, since the mind visualizes whether competent leading inquiries and also occasions that never ever in fact took place. Manipulated memories, it’s called something like that. A touch of “Inception” (2010) by blowing the smart principle by Director and also film writer JohnFabrick And likewise in the cult Thriller “The Wicker Man” (1973) with Christopher Lee, or “Regression” (2015) with Emma Watson and also Ethan Hawke, you will certainly really feel recalled.

Seeler locates the unpredictable Evelyn on the island, and also need to locate that a major claims remains in the space: The girl asserting to be in their Childhood and also young people by her daddy of having actually been abused. However, the “memory result” might be the hypnotherapy treatment executed by Evelyn, along with their manager Amanda (Friederike Becht)? Your psychological misery yet can likewise be based upon a stopped working Emancipation efforts or on the anxiety of an alarming clinical diagnosis. Also Seeler relocates right into Amanda’s hands to resolve his Trauma– also at the threat of shedding themselves in the midsts of your very own Psyche …

Johannes Fabrick connected to in his TV-movie is an exhilarating criminal offense story with similarly intriguing adventures in the void of the human heart– the last name of the major personality is not a coincidence. Through innovative hosting of concepts Fabrick has actually discovered outstanding pictures to advise the visitor to be Immersed in the sea of memory. The internal problems of the personalities and also the acting personification that goes to the heart of the movie: Koeberlin, Witten birthed, Hellwig, and also Becht, nonetheless supply every one of them a remarkable efficiency. At completion of the movie has actually not been, the good news is, unneeded Kitsch and also überkonstruierte resolutions. Hardly anything is right here fixed in a last, yet the activity really feels never incomplete.

“Hartwig President” would certainly have the prospective to end up being a brand-new effective criminal offense series-the 2nd Film under the title “A new life” is currently in package.

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