COVID-dystopia: the Trailer has actually landed for Michael Bay’s Songbird

++ Update from 17.112020: In the United States Songbird movie theaters from to on11 To be December, straight as a Premium VoD title, as well as following year on a significant Streaming system has actually been launched. The STXfilms to be revealed.

++ Update from 30.102020: As the initial comes SongbirdTrailer pure trembled! Together with the Synopsis as well as Info on that plays whom.

The COVID-23 Virus is altering as well as the globe in its 4th-Lockdown- of the year. Infected Americans to be seized from your house as well as in quarantine camps, which are called “Q-Zones” recognized as well as where there is noEscape However, a couple of take on spirits resist versus the pressures of fascism. In the center of this dystopian landscape, a terrifying location loser carrier, Nico (K. J. Apa, Riverdale), which protests the lethal virus, immune, hope, as well as love with Sara (Sofia Carson, Descendants), despite the fact that their Lockdown restricts them from physical get in touch with. As it is thought that Sara has actually been contaminated, relaxing Nico frantically with the vacant roads of Los Angeles, looking for the only point that can conserve them from bondage, or even worse …

In the various other duties: Demi Moore as well as Bradley Whitford (Get Out) as a an abundant Couple that can hold the trick to Nico’s Mission, Alexandra Daddario as a vocalist, which is stuck in a challenging as well as prohibited event, Paul Walter Hauser (The Case Of Richard Jewell) as an impaired battle expert, whose buddy – a drone by the name of Max – his eyes as well as ears in a globe that has actually left him behind, Craig Robinson as Nicos the Chef as well as Peter Stormare as the corrupt head of the city health and wellness authority, bringing the Infected to take, as well as in the Q-Zone

++ News from the 30.102020: The initial attribute movie that was fired in the center of the Coronavirus pandemic in Los Angeles, is Songbird And it occurred similar to this: on the initial day, after components of the UNITED STATES at13 March remained in the Lockdown, obtained film-maker Adam Mason a phone call to his creating companion Simon Boyes, that had the “crazy idea” to do so. Together they modified in the wind with an idea as well as generated as a manufacturer the previous Paramount-President Adam Goodman, as well as a specific Michael Bay on Board.

As the Cast was, that includes, along with both major K. J. Apa as well as Sofia Carson stars Demi Moore, Alexandra Daddario, Craig Robinson, Peter Stormare, Paul Walter Hauser as well as Bradley Whitford, started on might 8. July, the recording, with stringent safety preventative measures, regular Corona-Tests as well as a tiny Crew of much less than forty individuals daily. After just 17 days, whatever remained in package, as well as currently has Entertainment Weekly a Poster as well as the initial pictures for us.

Songbird plays in the year 2024, as COVID-23 up until now is altered (the death price mores than 50%, as well as the Virus is eliminating at an increased rate), that the globe remains in its 4th Lockdown of the year, as well as contaminated Americans require to leave your house as well as in the quarantine camp go. Nico (Apa), a Bicycle carrier on the Front line, secured by his COVID-immunity, invests his days Cycling with the city as well as make distributions. Hope as well as love he locates in Sara (Carson) being in your Apartment dealt with as well as, at any moment, worry of the health and wellness authority of the city of emphasis – despite the fact that they satisfied due to the stringent Lockdown procedures never ever actually. It was a dystopian, frightening globe, yet Songbird a charming Film regarding 2 individuals that wish to be with each other, yet can not be Mason claims. Like “Romeo and Juliet”, just that they were divided with Sara’s front door, as well as the Virus from each various other.

Image 1:COVID-dystopia: Trailer for Michael Bay's "Songbird" landed
Image 2:COVID-dystopia: Trailer for Michael Bay's "Songbird" landed
Figure 3:COVID-dystopia: Trailer for Michael Bay's "Songbird" landed

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