Kim Kardashian commemorates in spite of Corona: ego-trip on the island


“No man is an island, entire of itself”, understood 4 hundred years ago the English Poet John Donne, as well as that would certainly understand it far better today as Stars of Reality tv, whose entire presence in the media commemorated the cult of the anti-thesis of the splitting up is rooted.

If so, Kim Kardashian West, sick of uploaded by presets as well as Instagramens commemorates in Live efficiencies throughout times of Social Distancings, your fortieth birthday celebration, do not withdraw to a Party with the core household, to the exemption of the Public– however on an island, as well as it truly tear.

How to do this? “After two weeks, with numerous health Checks and asking you all to go in quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we were able to do at least for a short time, as if everything would be normal,” composes the Celebrity on Instagram, as well as released images of a Party under the hand trees, without masks, without Worry, for according to its very own numbers with bike flights, Swimming with whales, as well as film viewing on the coastline.

As a layout for regular people that look with problem on the pandemic Christmas, is this display screen of an extremely without the decadence issue inappropriate. Our one is not pleased, if your “social bubble” will certainly rupture under the stress of the restrictions as well as dangers of Infection: Instead of the island it is called “my home is my castle”, rather than weggejettet is disclosed.

Ronan Farrow advised Kim Kardashians Party at Hieronymus Bosch’s “garden of earthly delights”.

Image: Twitter/Screenshot Of The F. A. Z.

Wonderfully innovative solutions in the Form of Memes that appear in the social networks protest it. The Journalist Ronan Farrow incorporated, the Kardashian- pop quote of the top of the “garden of earthly delights” by Hieronymus Bosch; the Museum of Modern Art Henri Matisse’s paint”The dance” And after that the Armada of popular culture taunting: images of Tom Hanks as Lost in “Cast Away” (with a Volleyball “Wilson da”), scenes from the movie adjustment of “Lord of the flies”, from “Game of Thrones”, “Mamma Mia”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Jurassic Park” and so forth.

As an outcome, activated by the self-celebration of a Single, a joint program of enjoyment to numerous for numerous, that is not fed primarily from social envy, however the sensation that Egos are simply an optimum of unglamourös. This can be a virtually once more to rely on humankind.

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