Stunt lady Katja Jerabek leaps from skyscrapers without concern


Mrs Jerabek, they originate from a revolving inBerlin What have you done given that?

Ursula Kals


Editor in business, in charge of “youth writes”.

Yesterday I was a terrorist for the collection “Blackout”, the shot has actually been discharged. Now it takes place to offer an example for the 2nd period of “The Pass”, a criminal activity tale that operates on Sky.

You are 49 years of ages as well as a small partner.

I am 1.68 meters high as well as have a midsection dimension of 34/36 To be tiny is commonly a benefit, since numerous stars are tiny. Dirk Bach is my preferred instance, I was enabled to increase, since he was as high as I am. He was charming, a terrific individual. Dirk must rest on top of a tree, as well as he was not enabled to. I used a Fatsuit as well as hairless. In the motion picture, as well as guy has actually not understood that Dirk was resting on the tree. Plumping up you can constantly me as a fragilePerson For the very same factor, I had the ability to increase the Problemb är “Bruno”.

How numerous Stunts have you finished up until now?

I’m asked a concern, never ever, do the Job, however, for 20 years. I dropped from the bike, the auto was struck by a vehicle, of residences leapt as well as was shed to a cinder. Alone in the feat programs I’ve made greater than a thousand high drops or being defeated.

To outsiders, the scary audios. You have no concern?

I’ll inform you exactly how it is. No, I’m not worried. We feat individuals have a healthy and balanced regard for the Stunt, however have no concern. We are musicians as well as have to make a decision whether we wish to carry out a Stunt or otherwise. Are you worried of, the body is a lot more leading than the head, that would certainly be deadly.

To a hundred metres of a skyscraper drop, adequate regard?

At 100 meters it relies on the cable television, so you require to rely on the planner as well as the coworkers, the right Material as well as the Know-How for the right technological execution of theStunts Most of the little Stunts threaten.

What is one of the most Important component of your task?

Good prep work as well as preparation of the Stunts are most Important to you! For instance: For a TELEVISION I need to play as a murder sufferer with a mop in Hand, 15 meters from a umgestoßenen head from a porch in an air padding on which to drop. So a cushion will certainly forgive a couple of mistakes. Me is constantly familiar with what in the direction of me. The mop of the activity was various, I needed to still wind up tidy on the back. The relevance of an accurate preparation prior to each Stunt is so. For various other collection, I needed to leap when in a skirt with comic boots, by the glass. Despite the glass, the trajectory does not need to harm.

And what’s with the glass?

Either it is Tempered glass or supposed sugar glass, which is stealthily made from plastic as well as extremely conveniently without any sharp sides breaks, to ensure that you can not reduce on your own. We toss in with plastic tabs as well as defeat us, to ensure that it appears it harms as well as place on Special Effects, to ensure that we can unhurt do magnificent points.

Do you have a Trick for ordinary, to drop as securely as feasible?

A great deal of Sport, to ensure that the body is in shape as well as has a healthy and balanced body stress. When you Plunge it pertains to experienced Rolling over the aware of safeguard the bursae areas such as arm joints as well as knees. We, naturally, additionally with guards.

Headlong into the depth - not a rarity in your profession.

Headlong right into the deepness – not a rarity in your career.

Image: Torsten Jerabek

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