A brand-new Look for Katy Perry


Katy Perry 30355879-1 bigKaty Perry try out her hair, is clear. Whether short, long, blonde, brownish, environment-friendly, or purple– she rocks everyStyle Now, evidently, was time for somethingNew


For the existing shooting of the brand-new “American Idol” work-relay has Katy currently a rich blonde curly hair make. On “Instagram” shared 2 photos from the Set with their brand-newLook The blonde, curly hair linked back in a high braid and also is to acknowledge so rarely once more. The Fans like it evidently. The message is not discussed, just the variety of abundant and also bathed with praises, however additionally over 2 million Time suched as each various other.

Several weeks back, the passionate Katy your Fans with an image from theSet At the moment, their excellent After-Baby- was-the Body in emphasis.

Photo: (c) Universal Music

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