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How live dealer games work?

Live dealer casino websites are one of the most growing platforms that casino players love. People love it when they can gamble and win money in a live game. Ever wondered how this live casino works?

We asked the experts and they told us how they work. So, this guide is prepared with the help of experts from Exycasinos.

Virtual Location

Just like you can change your virtual location with the help of a VPN, a live casino allows you to access the casino from other countries from your website. They have various cameras and they aim to provide the entire casino experience online from your computer and mobile device with the help of the internet.

Three main things are important. One is the monitor and the second one is the game control unit. Of course, there are computers to work and play the game. Let’s talk about all three things and you will get a clear idea about it.

The Dealer Computer

First, the dealer has their monitor where they can see the complete gameplay. Just like in live casinos, you can see the dealer has a look at everything. In the same way, there is a monitor that will help the dealer to know about all the moves. This is the main thing that comes when we talk about the live dealer casino. The monitor has every single detail that a dealer needs to see.

Even you can see the dealer, right? That brings us to the next point.


There are cameras everywhere that will help the casino to show the gameplay. There are minimum of three cameras that will help the users to see and enjoy the live gameplay from a different position. Depending on the live casino, this might change. So, it depends on the casino platform in which you are playing. Some might have more but there are very few live dealer casino platforms that have less than three cameras. So, that’s completely optional.

The Game Control Unit

Also known as GCU, it is the main part of any live casino. Using Game Control Unit, the dealer controls the game. Every action that is performed in the game starting from who has won the game to the calculation is done by GCU. In some games, the dealer can see which card you have. This depends on the game. The Game Control Unit will make sure that the game works smoothly and will do the automation task wherever needed. The results will be directly seen on the dealer’s monitor. Once the game is over, you can also see the rest of the things. The work depends on the technology used by the GC unit.

Final Words

To conclude, this is how a live dealer casino works. Technology plays an important role here as you can virtually play the casino game in the casino that is located in some other country. There might be some small changes depending on the casino website you are playing or betting. So, this won’t be the same.