Anne With An E: This is what the actors of Anne and Gillbert did in ‘Behind the scenes’


Anne With An E has definitely become one of the most-watched series of the moment, and it is that this series had such an impact that its viewers fight every day to get the production to continue with the recordings.

Anne With An E is one of the series that has left us a shocking message, with just three seasons, this film could make us laugh, cry and even reflect thanks to the stories that little Anne lived day to day.

Currently, the protagonists of Anne and Gilbert have become full adults, who continue to struggle to continue growing within their careers as actors, and boy has they had many followers thanks to their excellent work.

For many it is unfortunate that these two young men are not in love in real life, since on the screens they made one of the best couples on television.

But, despite this, they are very good friends, and working together made them strengthen their friendship even more, and in this video ‘behind the scenes’, we could see how well the whole team got along.