For this reason, the ex-boyfriend of Yanet Garcia does not regret having finished with her


It seems that everyone wants to have a girlfriend like Yanet García, however, the ex of the weather girl left her for a “Call of Duty” championship and claimed that he made the best decision when he broke up with her to focus on that.

Yanet García is one of the women on television most envied and admired by all, because her undeniable beauty and the effort that she has had to make to achieve the figure she has today is a true recognition.

All this seems to indicate that any man would go crazy for this woman, however, some time ago the news went viral that her ex, Douglas Martin, had broken up with Yanet García to focus on the “Call of Duty” championship.

Of course, not everything was negative for Yanet García, since, thanks to that, she managed to gain thousands of followers, because no one could believe that someone would leave one of the most desired women in all of Latin America. Still, Douglas Martin does not regret his decision.

He let him know through a Twitter that Yanet García’s ex published, which explains the reason why men prefer to play video games to be with their girlfriends. He also took the opportunity to give a call to make the race a priority.