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#trending number 792 – Monday,14 December 2020

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Good Morning! Bought on Saturday the Christmas tree. A little excellent globe as well as Christmas the typical state in demanding, irritating times.

#trending// Lockdown

The huge subject of the weekend break, the brand-new Anti-Corona were, certainly, gauges embraced by the Federal as well as state federal governments onSunday Google taped greater than 2 million look for terms around the “Lockdown”.

Among the 10 to Facebook as well as Twitter communications most effective German write-ups of Sunday, 9 were located to the brand-new steps. Were one of the most effective with the message “Antenne Bayern”, the Text with the Headline “decision template: shops, schools and kindergartens will be ready from Wednesday close” on 42.300 responses zdfheute resembled, “” with “shops, schools and day care centers” as well as to 32,100 Likes & & co., once more,”Antenne Bayern”, with “Officially: Lockdown from Wednesday to shops, schools and daycare centers close, new Christmas rules” as well as to 30,900, along with “The mirror” with “Coronavirus: The Federal federal government as well as the Länder settle on a difficult Shutdown” as well as to 23,200 communications.

The German- language Tweets with one of the most Likes as well as Retweets involved the Lockdown to: Jan böhmermann, gotten to on Friday some 19,700 of such responses with “598 Dead. The 30,000 new infections. In a day! How many taxi vouchers, you will need to distribute to make it stop? When to put “personal responsibility and moral maturity”, so that the Die has come to an end? Everything, hold everything, now!“Doctor Christian Lübbers came additionally on Friday “Today is the last day of school would be before the Christmas holidays. Today is the last day of school would have TO be before the Christmas holidays” to 17,600 responses.

#trending// Lucien Favre

The just style that made it on Sunday along with the brand-new Anti-Corona steps in the Top Ten of the Social-Media-News-Charts, was the sacking of the football Coach Lucien Favre at BorussiaDortmund The “kicker” gathered 20.300 Facebook as well as Twitter communications with”Borussia Dortmund separates from Lucien Favre” Also solid was “sport1” with the style: “BVB separates seems to be of Favre” gotten to 10.200 Likes & & co.

What the Fans think of the choice of the club to, among others, on the Facebook- web page of Borussia Dortmund read. The remarks there were primarily towards “A very good coach… unfortunately for the long-ailing Borussia. All the best, Lucien Favre” or “Thank you,Lucien A Top Trainer as well as what you see as well as listen to is an outright Gentleman as well as an excellent individual!!All the very best to the remainder of the method. Sometimes it operates at the incorrect time in the incorrect location. Thank you for collaborating with us!”

#trending// Taylor Swift

The Hit of the week end of the brand-new Song “Willow” by TaylorSwift More than 20 million times the Video was enjoyed to the Song alone on the Youtube network of the singer-songwriter, landed in the Youtube-Trends from virtually 70 nations, as well as on Saturday additionally at # 1 on the international Spotify Charts.


#trending// Deutsche Tops of the day

Story after Social Media communications: “Antenne Bayern”– “draft resolution: to shops, schools and nurseries will close from Wednesday” (42300 communications with Facebook as well as Twitter)

Story according to the Likes & & Shares in Twitter: “reitschuster.de”– “Good Demos and bad Demos” (to 2,700 Likes as well as Shares)

Podcast (Apple Podcasts): “Baywatch Berlin”– “Harry Potter and the mysterious compost-funeral”

Google-Keyword: Lockdown (2.000000+ Searches)

Wikipedia Page: Markus Lanz (78000 call-offs on Saturday)

Youtube Video: “Montana black”– “I’ll SHOW you MY finished house | part 3”

Series (Netflix)“Star Trek: Discovery”

Song (Spotify): Wham!– “Last Christmas” (682000 Stream calls from Germany on Saturday)

Music (Amazon): AC/DC– “Power Up” (Audio CD)

DVD/Blu- ray (Amazon): “Tenet” (Blu- ray)

Game (Amazon) [ohne Gutscheinkarten und Hardware]: “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” (Nintendo Switch)

Book (Amazon)Sebastian Fitzek– “The Way Home” (Hardcover)

#trending// Feedback

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