SENREN BANKA iOS/APK Full Version Free Download


Senren Banka is a Action, Adventure and also Casual suit for COMPUTER launched by HIKARI AREA, NekoNyanLtd at 2020. A tale that is enchanting!

A love VN video game that has actually been unidentified and also compensated for the honors. Finish the story and also figure out what exists behind those ladies.

Players that comprehend Galgame need to have actually listened to the title of Yuzu-Soft As a Japanese sporting activity making business changed by a follower club, its features are mostly based on the love of sugar, as well as additionally the” Qianlian * Wanhua”, wthe“is that the commeWanhua” feature of this 10th wedding anniversary of this Yuzu Club, is prominent The depictive features of Gao have actually consisted of numerous annual honors and also come to be a good deal of players’ Galgame benefits. This task has actually launched the variation by HIKARI AREA, which has actually made an enduring payment to the world in Gal Day today. Players that want to experience the desire and also pleasant romance that took place in the enchanting city that is Japanese- design, come and also experience it!

That is a far-off city discovered in the extensive hills-Sushi City Despite its development it has actually happened a traveler location that is preferred in the country due to the society. Every getaway, the stream of people will certainly covers the city, go and also site visitors come, endless, and also link a picture that is unified and also charming. But, this little community can additionally be a location for seafarers to Discuss, lest you prevent menstruation …