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Bellatia is a hack ‘n’ lower activity parlor game regarding warriors combating over the best godly tool called the’Bellatia’ from the region ofAslan The dark magic wizard Khadal is intending to take control of the world by accumulating the capacity of every one of the heroes of the past. When the superb illusionist Arkreign finds out of the program, he topples it by flexing the heroes’ capacities in a number of Bellastones as well as spreading them throughout the globe.

Nobody comprehends what occurred to Khadal as well as Arkreign after that together with the visibility of this Bellastones has actually developed into a dream, separating the warriors in to 2 teams. First is as well as the various other one is. The people that aren’t efficient in taking care of the capacity of Bellatia are counting on negative beings as well as creating significantly mayhem on earth.