Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day (REMASTERED) iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

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The year is 2028. Billionaire reptilian satanists G. Sorrows as well as M. Cuckerberg are head of state as well as vice-president of the UNITED STATES. An extensive communist program is promptly executed, bring about many fatalities, the collapse of the global market as well as the closing of cost-free speech. The constitution is torn to shreds as well as replaced utilizing the mandate of 74853769 sexes. Using a worldwide New World Order safely in power as well as additionally the worldwide populace subdued, Comrade G. Sorrows executes theLast Option All guys are assembled as well as delivered to extermination camp. Some take care of to get away right into the adjoining wilds as well as hillsides, simply to be located as well as butchered. The view of that which humankind is currently brings rips to J.C’s eyes. He gives the NWO a chance to be sorry for.

Unsurprisingly, they stand up to as well as make an initiative to torture him. At a dangerous shootout, J.C hardly handles to get away with his life. Having a tranquil conversation from this concern, J.C does not have any kind of alternative yet to act rapidly. He can not lazily enjoy his individuals withstand. He needs to partner with the staying guys– Dolph, Tromp, Pootin, Napolion Bolselnoro– as well as cost-free the general public. They require to dominate that the New World Order leaders after that publish Truth as well as Logic right into the equipment– releasing individuals from your social networking matrix as well as ultimately the understanding of their totalitarian NWO.