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The Christmas tale when it comes to the NDR 1 Radio MV is a traditional that numerous called aFilm The theme for “beauty and the beast” is a centuries-old fairytale.

The tale of the girl and also a beast in a sentence: the unlucky, poor seller with ruined kids has the rotten luck, in a captivated, a shocking Monster castle is distressed and also requires to leave the beast concerning the only well-shaped child as a roomie; yet since the is so take on and also generous in the long run yet still all great.

Tradition at NDR 1 Radio MV

For 10 years, NDR 1 Radio MV, offered on the initial day of Christmas an extremely unique Christmas tale. Then coworkers check out from all Parts of the nation, the radio residence for the audiences. Reporters, Recording Directors, editors, professionals, Camera aides, and also much more.

Famous voices check out

This year, checked out along with various other Theresa Hebert and also Stefan Kuna from the Stefan Kuna Show at NDR 1 Radio MV with in the past. Also, your coworker Marilyn Pagel checks out for this activity no messages, yet the Chapter in which the monster makes the daddy of the Beautiful mad his needs clear. In enhancement, Ren é Steuder from the North publication as a storyteller in the Studio cubicle, to the radio residence Director Joachim Böskens, Uwe Ulbrich from the weather condition Studio to the island of Hiddensee.

29-Chapter on the initial day of Christmas

The Christmas tale by NDR 1 Radio MV this year has 29 components. We will certainly send you on the initial day of Christmas, on the 25. December 2020, in between 9 and also 17 PM, Chapter forChapter There are a great deal of Christmas and also cheery songs in theMix A week long, we offer the background, after that on this web page for a week to pay attention to once again on-line.

Historical Template

The tale itself was popular around the world as a result of the Disney team has actually released an anime film and also a number of years ago a flick with Emma Watson ahead duty. The beginnings of this tale, yet in a number of variations of a fairytale. Template for the Christmas tale of NDR 1 Radio MV, and also the North publication, a message variation of Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve, released in 1740, is. It is based upon tales from the 16th century.Century 2020, a reduced variation of your message remains in the author Coppenrath showed up. For the application of NDR 1 Radio MV, and also the North publication, we have structured this tale.

Voices and also names

These coworkers, you will certainly hear this year.
Section 1: Henning Str über, Online-Redaktion
Section 2: Franziska Husmann, Camera-Assistant
Section 3: Michael Ahrens, head of the content program layout, and also songs
Section 4: Uwe Ulbrich, Weather Studio Hiddensee
Section 5: Marilyn Pagel from the Stefan Kuna Show
Section 6: Jan Baumgart, Online-Redaktion
Section 7: Fabian Kühne from the editors of Stefan Kuna Show
Section 8: Hagen Schulz-Zachow, Production
Section 9: Uwe Gr ützmacher, Digital Coordinator
Section 10: Sylvio Kaczmarek, Reporter in the Baltic sea Studio Rostock
Section 11: Melanie Jaster, a press reporter in the Baltic sea Studio Rostock
Section 12: Karsten Stotko, Music Editorial
Section 13: Ren é Steuder, North Magazine
Section 14:Theresa Hebert from the Stefan Kuna Show
Section 15: Thomas Wendorf, Administrative Head
Section 16: David Pilgrin, North publication Reporter in the Baltic sea Studio Rostock
Section 17: Maxi Hartig, Editorial Assistant
Section 18: Bernd Kalauch, press reporters in the Baltic sea Studio Rostock
Section 19: Christian Kohlhof, Online-Redaktion
Section 20: Konrad Buchwald, Reporter at the Mecklenburg- Müritz-Studio in Neubrandenburg
Section 21: Axel Crooked Auer, News-Editorial
Section 22: Catherine Tamme, Online-Redaktion
Section 23: Mirja Freye, a press reporter in Western Pomerania Studio Greifswald
Section 24: Joachim Böskens, Director of Landesfunkhaus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Section 25: Ulrike Gädke, Recording Director
Section 26: Robert Schubert, press reporters in the Western Pomerania Studio Greifswald
Section 27: Henriette Evert from the content Board of the Stefan Kuna Show
Section 28: Anke Riedel, a tv press reporter from the Baltic Studio Rostock
Section 29: Stefan Kuna, Morning Show Host

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