Electro Ride: The Neon Racing Full Version Free Download


In an alternative Europe where the Eastern Bloc really did not collapse, yet changed to a center of timeless riches as well as progression– this is where popularity awaits you. No control, no ABDOMINAL MUSCLE, no contemporary system. Only you as well as a lovely, timeless automobile with super-powerful neon lights.

Prove your wandering as well as driving abilities. Think you’re a racer that is outstanding? Get out of this Ferrari as well as represent the actual difficulty: race with the crazy devices in the Eastern Bloc! No ABDOMINAL MUSCLE, no absolutely nothing, no control. Just a lovely auto with solid as well as you neons. Show your handling as well as wandering capabilities in these cars!

Try out 20+ automobiles inspired by the tales from: USSR, Polish People’s Republic, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, People’s Republic of Bulgaria as well asGerman Democratic Republic The race in neon lights. Cities & & devices that are neon-lit. From the Berlin Wall to Moscow, the Neon League brings shades to the roadways! Collect the colour of your neon to change. Hit the red stripes on your neon’s shade in the turns. Reach the prices that your Lada hasn’t continued at. Choose from video game settings such as the splitscreen. Hurry, battle as well as jump to the Synthwave rhythms! And a bonus offer: controller assistance that is full!