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1881. Humans need for understanding in an age of rationalism. No field is dark. No location of research is refuted. Explore the occult. After the collapse of Papal supremacy, people looked for realities in the occult, demonology, as well as witchcraft.

These realities, although never ever understood, guided to our modern spin on spiritualism as well as our initiatives in mobilizing demonic divine beings from the abyss. Possession 1881 is a video game that discovers this moment could have resembled for all those included as well as allows the gamer experience initial hand sensations as well as the suggestions of such a time. Challenge your mind.

In Possession 1881, the individual undergoes a collection of difficulties in an effort to leave a mansion that is made use of from the occult to acquire the abyss. The gamer requires to solve challenges in between maths, history, as well as spatial reasoning from the point of view of the occult as they uncover that they are as well as why they exist. Free your mind from the restrictions of reality as well as study an age of spiritual knowledge. Experience remarkable art work. Images as well as appearances develop an environment of realistic look to permit your gamer. The beautiful picture”Classic” by specialist musician Karen Whitworth produces a genuine Victorian age sensation inside the mansion. Delve right into the appealing cosmos of Possession 1881.