Steven Universe rescue the LSave s is a RPG, Adventure and also Action ready COMPUTER. Fight versus an armed force of light!

His friends on their task and also upgrade their abilities to fight with a military of light and also avoid a fresh Gem and also Combine Steven, taken a tool.

Join the Crystal Stone on the search! A powerful tool has actually been managed A freshGem His friends and also Steven have. “Save the Light” is a phenomenal RPG crossbreed which integrates actual time and also turn-based fight.

Customize your event. Fight with an armed force of light and also Peridot! Bust out abilities to resolve challenges and also combat with the crooks. Face off from anHomeworld Gem Who is this warrior and also what is she doing back on Earth? Team up for Gem Fusions in addition to mix relocations! Fuse to play Stevonnie, Smoky Quartz, Opal, Sardonyx, and also Sugilite!

Research and also connect with 3D settings. Travel to Gem positions all Around the World, such as Strawberry Battlefield, The Amazing North, and also the Forge ofBismuth “Save the Light” includes an initial narrative co-written from Rebecca Sugar, and also voices by the Steven Universe toss and also distinct visitor starChristine Baranski This video game is absolutely pleasurable. This sporting activity has amusing art work when you’re a follower of this collection or otherwise, and also if you see the collection, the story and also tradition is enjoyabare additionally. Everything in this video game is outstanding.