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Together with her family members killed prior to the very early Timespinner tool spoiled, Lunais is transported to an unidentified world, stranded with evidently no assumption of return. Using her capability to regulate time, Lunais assures to take her vengeance on the evil Lachiem Empire, however from time to time the program of background is not rather as black as well as white as it shows up. Explore an intricate, linked world with perfectly attracted as well as described pixel art work environments.

Traverse including the bare existing as well as delicious past of Lachiem, generating essential magic orbs as well as blending their very own capacity to damage adversaries utilizing blades as well as beauties. Befriend mystical animals called Familiars, like the charming dream dragon Meyef, as well as advise them to help you in battle. Test your capacities as well as time along with severe employer fights, as well as you endeavor forth to take around the Emperor himself