Friends of Mineral Town How to get a fridge in Story of Seasons

Friends of Mineral Town How to obtain a refrigerator in Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Is concerning developing dishes. You might choose to market the food to make some difficult cash money to increase your ranch, or produce dishes as well as you might select to maintain it. This is important, as well as dishes provides power as well as if you prepare for extracting a whole lot as well as coming to be to the degrees. The issue is that you can not save food on your closet as well as needs to obtain your hands.

To obtain a fridge in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, you’ll need to see Gotts Workshop, display screen on the map listed below. Gott is a personality, as well as he will certainly expand upon ranch as well as your residence, supplied that you have actually obtained treasures as well as the wood to discover additionally the gold, as well as additionally the job done.

To get a fridge, you will certainly need to upgrade to the Bigger House, whenever you have actually obtained a cooking area to establish it 33, given that you can obtain a fridge. You might require 50 Stone, as well as 150 Lumber to get the Bigger House upgrade, as well as this upgrade has a cooking area. You’ll additionally call for 3000 Gold, as well as it’ll call for Gotts to finish the job.

You might get the fridge having an option to upgrade it As quickly as you have actually the cooking area.


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