Cheap Vs Expensive Gaming Chairs

Usually, gamers spend long hours in front of the pc to play games. As a result, they face huge health issues. As they can’t give up gaming, they can get the best Gaming Chairs. Gaming chairs are a permanent solution for gamers.

When looking for a chair, many people got confused with cheap vs expensive gaming chairs. Both chairs come with different features. So, we will help you to purchase an efficient one. Follow this whole article to know the difference between these chairs.

Cheap Vs Expensive Gaming Chairs

Every gamer should have a chair that can give them comfort during all those long gaming sessions. Also, the chair should be trendy, stylish, and suits their personality. A gaming chair can provide all those things. In this section, we will differentiate between Cheap vs expensive gaming chairs for your convenience.


Most gaming chairs come with different types of synthetic leather with a combination of fabric and plastic coating. The Best Most Expensive Gaming Chairs uses PU leather that is very soft, flexible, and breathable. Moreover, these types of leather don’t smell bad and provide a pleasantly soft surface texture.

Cheap gaming chairs use Vinyl synthetic leather that works fine but not that soft and breathable. Its texture is not that pleasant; also, the surface is very hard.

Quality Foam Upholstery

The higher compression elasticity and density of the foam ensure more comfortable sitting. Expensive chairs are padded with high-density and high-quality foam to ensure perfect body posture. The cold foam padding and compression elasticity padding maintain the original shape for a longer time.

Cheap chairs are padded with lower density foam that wears out faster.

Steel Frame

Better quality of frame can assure more ergonomic and durability of the gaming chair. Higher priced chairs last so long because they are designed with a strong steel frame. The thicker material and inspected weld seams make these chairs strong and durable.

Cheap chairs mostly use simple iron tubing that won’t last for a long time. Also, the iron they used is not welded and processed appropriately. The frame can break at any time, so you have to replace it with a new one.

Base and Castors

The base and castors can secure the chair by carrying the whole weight. Expensive chairs are made with a solid metal base and high-quality strong castors. That results in a smooth and quiet run of the chairs and ideal for hard and soft floors.

Over against, cheap chairs come with a plastic base that can’t take as much load as the metal base.


Pricier chairs have 3D or 4D armrests to provide better arm and body support with superior ergonomics. You can swivel the armrest left and right to get better arm support while sitting.

With a cheap chair, you will get the 1D or 2D armrest that will work well but can’t provide extra comfort.


By looking under the chair seat, you can easily find the difference between cheap and expensive chairs. Higher pricier chairs designed with two strong levers under the seat. One is for controlling the chair height, and another one is for multiple functionalities. With expensive chairs, you can lock the chair at angles by tilting the seat. Also, it enables you to use the rocking function.

With cheap chairs, you only can lock the seat or enable the rocking function because of its single lever.


Assembling the pricier chairs are more manageable than the cheap chairs. Expensive chairs come with some already pre-assembled parts and the rest parts you need to assemble. You just have to fit and tighten the screws into the holes.

Cheaper chairs come with cheaper materials and need more small parts to assemble. So, it may go wrong or may break down some parts while assembling.

With a cheap gaming chair, you can save your money, but you can’t expect more in quality. For long-term use, an expensive gaming chair will be the best choice.

Why Should You Buy an Expensive Gaming Chair?

Paying more for a gaming chair will provide a better experience to full-time players. The higher quality materials make these chairs more adjustable. It will provide a healthy sitting posture that is much ergonomic. These gaming chairs come with a high back, padded bucket seat, and high material backrest cushions. So, it can easily support your natural spine curve.

With an expensive gaming chair, you can use many ways for sitting movement. It allows for angling the backrest from 90° to 180° back or forward. It takes proper care of the body with adequate armrest, headrest, and backrest arrangements. As a result, you can enjoy optimum relaxation while gaming.

Chairs with high prices provide more comfort to the hardcore gamer, who plays for the day long. The best thing is these chairs can relieve all the body pain, soreness, stress, and other health issues. With the advanced machines and various functionality, gamers find it very easy to use.

These chairs are very adaptable so you can easily match the perfect height and weight. It can improve the focus level by relaxing your mind and maintaining proper blood circulation. With the boost of energy and mood, it ensures enhanced productivity.

On the other side, cheap chairs are not bad for short term use. They are built with lower quality materials, which is why they are not strong enough. If you buy a cheap gaming chair, you have to replace it after some years. In this way, your money will waste anyway.

Bottom Line

People who are passionate about gaming can’t deny the essentiality of a quality gaming chair. A good gaming chair can keep your body in a neutral position. An ideal chair will provide more flexibility and comfort while gaming. Thus, it will make your gaming session more productive.

For extra quality and benefits, you have to pay a little more. Your investment will worth it as it will enhance your health as well as wellness. In this article, we show the difference between Cheap vs expensive gaming chairs. Now, compare them and make the best decision.

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