The 5 Best Slots for Making Money

When it comes to playing slot games, players who have just begun their adventure might think that all slots are the same. While the gameplay, rules, and features are quite similar in each genre, not all slot titles are created equally. These differences are only visible to the practiced eye and include things like the slot RTP (Return to Player), slot volatility, and other technical features that all impact how often players win and how much they walk away with. That being said, here are some of the most vital aspects of slot titles explained as well as a handful of the best RTP slots to play.

RTP and its Effects

The Return to Player (RTP) is presented as a percentage and shows players how often a specific casino pays winners out. The percentage is calculated over several games and the number of players, which means that the RTP is a calculated estimate that casino operators will pay out over a certain number of plays. Higher RTP percentages mean that the odds of a casino paying out are much higher. This means that players who win at these casinos can expect the best payout for their effort. In simpler terms, the RTP percentage is the percentage that players can expect to get back from their original bet should they win. This return will not be paid out immediately but will rather be seen over a series of gaming sessions. However, players who select a game and stick to it are likely to receive higher RTPs as the percentage builds up. For new players, who are trying out many new titles and learning the gambling ropes, high RTPs are not a common reality unless they happen to strike it lucky!

The Best RTP Slot Titles

The vast majority of online casinos sites and software developing companies are required, by gambling authorities, to display the RTP percentage of both the slot game and the casino. This makes it easier for novices and seasoned players to make smart choices when selecting the slot game they would like to wager on. With all the variation out there today, here are some of the most popular and lucrative RTP slots. Playtech’s Halloween and horror-themed slot, called Goblin’s Cave, has received raving reviews for its bone-chilling graphics, exciting features, and RTP of 99.32. In addition to this, players can also enjoy a range of special symbols which are all the more rewarding. This is similar to another top-rated Playtech slot, called Ugga Bugga, which boasts an RTP of 99.07 and also has a horror-themed design. NetEnt, a popular and famous game developer, has also created an epic 5-payline progressive jackpot slot called Mega Joker. This slot title has a traditional fruit theme and an RTP of 99, which is very attractive for players who are looking to strike it big. Tropic reels, developed by Playtech, is a classic slot with a jungle-theme, special features, and an RTP of 98.95. In addition to the four titles already mentioned, Playtech has also designed the Cinerama slot which features a unique cinema theme, complete with theme-appropriate symbols, dazzling features, and a rewardingly high RTP of 98.94.

While these are just a few of the most popular titles out there, there are tons of other online slots that are not only fun but financially rewarding too.

Volatility and its Effects

While RTP refers to the percentage of potential earnings should players win, slot volatility also plays a massive role in how often players get to laugh all the way to the bank. Volatility is the percentage of risk that is attached to a particular slot game and is often used to describe the frequency and certainty of winning during a gaming session. High Volatility means that there is increased risk attached but usually leads to huge payouts. Conversely, low volatility slots are ones that can be won more often but do not result in epic earnings. High volatility slots are usually preferred by players with bigger bankrolls, are looking for the risk, and can afford to pay for the reward. Low volatility slots are enjoyed more by social gamblers or players who have limited bankroll but would like to play for a longer time.

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