How to be an expert article writer?


Including news stories, features, profiles, instructional articles, there is a multitude of different types of articles. For this, you might check paperhelp reliable enough to give you adequate guidance. All articles share some common characteristics, while every one of them has certain qualities that are unique to its type. Writing an article might give you a chance to share compelling and important information with readers, from researching and forming your idea to writing and editing your work.

Follow some simple rules as mentioned below:

  1. Know the type of article that you want to generate as you figure out your topic and put your focus in. think of the situation and form it in the form of an article to best suit the points that you want to convey. Many articles better suit specific topics or issues. However, some of the common types of articles are mentioned below:
  • News showing facts about a recent incident
  • Feature presenting information in a more descriptive way
  • Editorial showing writer’s opinion
  • How-to giving clear instructions
  • Profile presenting information about a person.
  1. Brainstorm your ideas by making a list of potential topics. You may think of choosing a topic on local animal shelter or organic food, or even on immigration. You need to narrow the topic to write a coherent yet concise article. It will give you something more precise for writing and will make for a more forceful article. Before that, ask yourself:
  • What is interesting in this topic?
  • What points will the audience overlook?
  • What information do you want to deliver to people?
  1. Select the topic of your interest so you can come up with an authentic and perfect explanation. Select the topic wisely to show you enthusiasm in your writing to make it more engaging.
  • Your aim is to show passion to your readers to make them realize the worth of your article.
  1. Do a lot of research if you are not well aware of your topic. This case might happen if you have to write for a certain topic as a class assignment.
  • Enter specific keywords in an online search engine like Google chrome etc. it can lead you to multiple sources that may be helpful regarding your topic. Also, they can help you in portraying multiple approaches.
  • Read relevant stuff, visit your nearby libraries, consult published interviews, consult books, magazines, and blogs, articles, databases for information, and online features.
  1. Search for a unique angle after deciding the topic and narrowing it down. Try to be as unique as you can in how you approach the material if you are up to writing an article about something that other people are also writing about. You should not exist alongside it but add to the conversation.
  2. Hone your argument as it is the main thrust in any article because then the writer can search for shreds of evidence to support their arguments. You need a quality argument for jotting down a quality article. You can really zero in any of the arguments that you are trying to make after you have settled on your unique angle.