6 Essential Tips on How to Improve Essay Writing


Writing is not easy, especially when it comes to academic writing with numerous rules and formats. However, everyone has to write essays. As soon as you grasp the concept, you can write your assignments. But what it takes to write good essays?

There are situations in our life when our writing skills either become our saviors or multiply our stress. A typical example is when you are writing an acceptance letter or an essay at any exam.

In our era of technology and the popularity of bloggers and influencers, the ability to convey your thoughts in a clear, concise, and interesting manner can potentially boost your income. So, let’s take a look at the ways to improve your essay writing (and writing skills in general).

Tip #1: Read

The young generation is reading more now than ever, of course, it is not about books, but rather reading in general: blog posts, memes, emails and chat messages. However, not books. To write and learn how to logically structure your thoughts that you want to share, you need to get experience. The most effective method is to read more books, serious articles, and long reads that promote learning. We bet you’ve seen that successful writers or highly intelligent people read a lot in their free time.

When you train your brain to perceive and process a large amount of well-structured information, you get used to this flow of thoughts, structure, eloquence, and style.

You can read fiction or non-fiction books. We don’t wantto divide reading into genres here, but it is important to read versatile literature. You will absorb a lot of points of view, authors’ perspectives, and information overall. After few hours of reading, you will feel inspired, writing will get easier, ideas will become more refined.

When you are watching a series or a film, your brain consumes information and pictures that are already prepared. It is already structured and there is nothing to process. It is someone else’s view on life. When you are reading a book, an article, or a poem, your brain is constantly working, involving imagination, associations, memory, and concentration.

Tip #2: Learn the format

Academic essays are strictly formatted, demand a certain tone and style of writing, thoroughly proofread, and extensive use of credible resources. It is a hard task but to succeed you need to play by the rules of format here. It is not the most needed skill for really good writing, but without it, you will drastically lower your chances. Formatting is believed to be one of the most hated types of writing-related activity, so lots of students use college essay writing service to delegate this part. We can’t blame them. But it is a good idea to learn the format and get extra points.

Tip #3. Do your homework

Proper research is indispensable for essay writing improvement.You need to spend a lot of time to produce a decent problem/solution or expository essay. Even if you are writing for and against an essay you need to prove to the reader that you’ve covered material from two polar points of view and therefore is well-versed in the topic.

Also, references and credible resources are highly valued when you are writing an essay. Not only do they add extra points, but provide you with a relevant and versatile view on the topic, shape your own opinion and help you learn the correct glossary for the topic you are researching.

However, the point of any essay is not to recite all the quotes from credible resources, you need to find just the right quote from a relevant source to support your idea and thesis. If your essay is just a summary of numerous sources, it might lack a personal approach.

Tip #4. Get inspired

Any essay should be logical and consecutive in its arguments. The ability to prove a point masterfully is one of the best skills to acquire while you’re writing an essay. One of the best sources for inspiration is debates. We imply professional debates, where opponents are respectful and persuasive, use logic and credible sources to destroy arguments of the other person. It is the main body of the for and against essay read out loud. It is a nice way of argumentation training you can use in your writing.

You can also find someone whose style of writing you like, someone more experienced and ask to guide you or help you get started. It can be your peer who is better with essays, it can be your professor, or it can be someone you don’t know, but can approach through LinkedIn. This way you will upgrade your networking skills as well. There is nothing wrong to ask for guidance in pursuit to become better at something. Mentorship is an amazing culture.

Tip #5. Write

To become better in essay writing, you need to constantly practice. Write and discard, write again. You can get into journaling, just to get used to writing. Write something every day if you feel that you have a barrier or lack of inspiration to start writing.The hardest part is to start. Read different articles on essay structure, format, and proper argumentative reasoning. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube.

Tip# 6. Vocabulary

If you want to amplify your essay writing skills, you’ll need to learn how to rewrite ideas. In this case every time you read something and you like the phrase, word construction, or sentence you need to note it and then use it in your next essay. It is important to use it, otherwise, you will have a collection of cool phrases without a purpose. Pocket and Google Keep are great services to collect quotes, phrases, and other important text material suitable for study and general development.