Best Retro Games for Nostalgic Players

People today play a myriad of video games. Gaming has become so popular that they even turned it into a profession, with pro gamers earning millions thanks to streams and game reviews.

But nowadays, games are far from the old-school games we used to play back in the day. If you feel a bit nostalgic and miss the good old gaming days like us, you will love the list we made below. We collected the best retro games which were popular worldwide over twenty years ago. It’s time for a trip down the memory lane!

Going Retro with Computer & Console Gaming

By now, the world has realised that video games will never go out of style. There is something so alluring and entertaining in playing games on PC or console, no matter how hard or challenging it is. If anything, the challenge is what kept us glued to our computers for so many years, right?

And the list of popular games is long, but we managed to sum it all up into one list of the best retro video games. Call it a blast from the past if you like, but we are sure you missed these arcade and console games.

  • Pac Man
  • Tetris
  • Super Mario
  • Space Invaders
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Fruit Slots
  • Street Fighter

It might sound odd to say it, but these releases represented the pinnacle of technological development when they came out. And considering how advanced the modern tech is now, travelling back to the 1980s might be a superb way to jog one’s memory and remind ourselves of the days when everything was simpler.

The Golden Days of Nintendo

Arcade gaming on coin-op machines in pubs and restaurants were fun, but playing console games at home were even better. Remember Super Mario and Legend of Zelda? That’s what we thought so too. The busy Mario has been the star of Nintendo since 1985. His adventures with mushrooms and koopas transformed Mario into an international franchise, one of the top 5 best-selling video games ever. Only Pokémon and Tetris franchise stand before Super Mario’s franchise.

Speaking of Tetris, the tile-matching game from 1984 seems like the easiest one on this list. But, that is far from accurate, as most diehard Tetris fans would agree. The complexity of the game is what made is so popular. Today, Tetris holds the Guinness World Record for being the most ported video game ever. You can play it on 65+ gaming platforms!

The Legend of Zelda is another Japanese video game invention popularised during the 1990s. This epic fantasy adventure first appeared on Nintendo, but subsequent releases were adjusted to the arcade and other platforms. This franchise is easily the most successful franchise to come out of Nintendo ever.

The Arcade Style of Life

When someone says arcade, the first thing that comes to mind is Pac-Man. The maze arcade game first appeared in 1980 and instantly became a success. Namco’s coin-operated machine allowed the player to control Pac-Man whose job was to eat the dots while evading coloured ghosts. Two years post-release, the company launched Ms Pac-Man, which had additional levels and was generally harder to pass.

During the 1980s, you could find arcade games everywhere you went. From restaurants to arcade pubs designed to host players, arcades attracted millions of gamers. A popular arcade was Space Invaders, who appeared before a couple of years before Pac-Man. The company Taito designed Space Invaders as an arcade game with the task of fighting off aliens. After this shooting classic, Taito launched dozens of other releases, but the original remained popular to this day.

Players craving a jolt of old-school entertainment often think of Street Fighter. Street Fighter, developed by Capcom, is a fighting game from 1987. The original was a smashing success, but nothing prepared us for the blockbuster Street Fighter 2 which came out in 1991. The sequel became the decade’s top-selling game, reaching the golden arcade games’ success from the 1980s.

While Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior was climbing the hill of success, arcade casino games were entering the spotlight. Slot machines, already widespread around the globe, became a popular attraction in pubs around Great Britain. The coin-op slots featuring three reels that spin in hopes of hitting a matching sequence of 7s or fruits (typically cherries and lemons) became the synonym of modern gambling.

Heading into The Realm of Online Casinos

There is a point where Street Fighter: The World Warrior II and slot machines meet in the modern world. You might think it’s a retro arcade only, but it is not, at least not anymore.

The legendary arcade game was revived by NetEnt, one of top online casino software providers, and made into a popular online slot game. The company even retained many of the retro arcade’s recognisable characteristics, including the graphics, rules, fighting sequences and the setting. Unlike most modern slots, Street Fighter is bound to make you feel like you’ve time-travelled to 1991 to a dusty arcade to play the game with your friends.

NetEnt’s game is new, but you can still find and play real oldies at casinos online. Fruit slots live on! Software companies transferred and adjusted them to computers, making online slots along the way. These classic slot games were all the rage in pubs near the end of the 20th century, and they still are today. The only difference is the setting – instead of a pub, players now go to gambling sites, or sites delivering news and updates about the industry. One such example is

If you want to dig deeper into the nostalgia of casino games, classic slot reviews on Casinos Online are your answer. This website is bursting with slot game reviews that both recreational and real money players widely enjoy.

Final Thoughts

How do you like our blasts from the past? You probably know them all, but if you missed playing them, it’s not too late. A revitalisation of the best retro games is happening, which means many of these arcade and console games might make an appearance again. Until that happens, you can find them online, as you’ve seen with Street Fighter II and its new slot version.

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