Which Game Developers Release Slots with the Best RTP?

If you’re serious about slots, knowing which games offer the best return-to-player (RTP) ratings is a great way to increase your chances of a big win!

By playing a slot machine with a higher RTP, you stand a greater chance of seeing a return on every spin. This means you can play longer and are in with even more shouts to drop a serious amount of money from a special feature or massive line win combo.

What is Return-to-Player Rating?

Every slot (online other otherwise) produced by a reputable, licensed company will advertise its return-to-player rating. It refers to the amount of money a player should receive on average on every spin.

For example, on a slot with a 96 percent RTP, for every £1 you bet, you should receive £0.96 as winnings. Of course, this isn’t how slots actually work and if it was, no one would play them! Who wants to feed pounds into a machine for it to spit out a guaranteed 96p each time?

The fun in slots is the gamble. You might win big, you might lose, you might break even. You might take one spin, hit a special feature and drop £10,000 before withdrawing and booking yourself a nice relaxing holiday. Or you might spend a gruelling 18-hour session only to end up £10,000 down with some explaining to do to your significant other.

A return-to-player rating is an average. If you looked at how much was bet over a massive sample size (millions of spins to reduce standard variance) and how much was paid out, eventually the variance will iron itself out, and the casino’s “winnings” should be around 97 percent of the total bet on that slot machine.

Slot designers will tweak special features, the value of symbols, and pay out combinations to arrive at an RTP that offers a good incentive for the player but still makes them a good two or more percentage of every bet on average.

Naturally, when picking a slot machine, you want to go for one with a large return-to-player rating. Anything over 96 percent is good. Anything over 98 percent is exceptional.

Note on High RTP Slots and Bonuses

Say you’ve just won big on a free spins bonus or similar promotion, and the terms and conditions state that you must wager your winnings 20 times on eligible games. Your immediate thought might be to browse the casino’s collection until you find a 98 percent RTP slot machine. It’s a good thought too. It makes sense to maximise winning potential with a high percentage slot.

However, the casinos predict you might do that, so many actually exclude their highest RTP slots from the wagering requirements. Sometimes playing the most lucrative titles will contribute a percentage of the total wagering, others, they will contribute nothing at all. Slots excluded from such promotions will always be listed in either the offer’s terms and conditions or the general terms and conditions of the casino itself.


Slot Designers with the Best RTP Ratings

We now know what a return-to-player rating actually is but how do you find a good one?

One way is to look at games by slot manufacturers renowned for huge return-to-player ratings. We’ve detailed three of them below to get you started.


NetEnt is one of the most recognisable names in online gambling. It has proven itself over the years to be a producer of not only some of the most exciting slot machines but also some of the most lucrative.

Slots like Bloodsuckers at 98 percent, Kings of Chicago at 97.8 percent, and Devil’s Delight at 97.6 percent are all amongst the industry’s highest RTP slots. Interestingly, we’ve even seen games in the past allow players to use some of these to wager through a welcome bonus in the past. You can try at these casinos as many offer free spins with no deposit on these high RTP slots.

However, it’s not just the standout titles with their colossal RTP ratings that excites us about NetEnt. The designers have created a plethora of games that all feature more than a 96 percent RTP. Whereas it’s common to see slot companies offer a few titles at more than 96 percent, NetEnt’s catalogue seems to contain more games above this threshold than below.


Another huge name from the industry is Playtech. Although this giant doesn’t offer quite as many games in the highest tier of RTPs, it does feature the largest percentages we’ve ever seen. Four of them are over 99 percent! Naturally, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for the day one of these is accepted for wagering winnings from a welcome promotion on but for a general punt, the likes of Goblin’s Cave, Ugga Bugga, Ocean Princess, and Tropic Reels all offer the absolute best chance of you walking away a winner in the business.

The rest of the iGaming giant’s titles aren’t bad either. Like NetEnt, it offers a load of games that are above the 96 percent level.


Finally, on our top selections of slot designers with the highest return-to-player ratings is Microgaming. However, we’ve included this third industry veteran, not because it has hundreds of heavy return-to-player slots, but because it offers some licenced titles.

Usually, slot designers don’t seem to bother making their most attractive games carry the largest payout percentage. Slots based on huge blockbuster movies or smash hit video games will attract players whether they pay large prizes or not.

Microgaming has a few exceptions to this unofficial rule. At least three of its most popular licenced slots actually come in at more than our preferred cut off point of 96 percent. Game of Thrones comes in at 96.4 percent, The Dark Knight Rises at 96.43 percent, and finally, the original The Dark Knight slot tops 97 percent!

Other Providers

There are now over 150 different slot providers that produce games with very high RTP’s. With over 3000 slots online. It’s best to visit a site that specialises and allows you to search all slots by RTP.


These are the slots with the best RTPs at the moment:


Highest  RTP SlotsRTP
Jack Hammer 297.10%
Retro Reels Extreme Heat97.50%
Devil’s Delight97.60%
Kings of Chicago97.80%
Blood Suckers98.00%
1429 Uncharted Seas98.60%
Jackpot 600095.10 – 98.90%
Mega Joker99%


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