Angelina Jolie’s first boyfriend became successful costume designer


Angelina Jolie had her initial guy at the age of 14. What couple of recognize is that the starlet’s ex lover, Anton Schneider, likewise took place to operate in Hollywood and also ended up being an effective outfit developer.

In a meeting with The Sun in 2016, Angelina Jolie talked about her adolescent dating. The 2 started their love when she was 14 and also Anton, the older one, relocated with the starlet and also her mom.

Continues after marketing

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“It was the smartest thing my mother did, which prevented me from staying in parks and on the street to date. We lived as a couple for two years. When I was 16, I decided I wanted to be free and work,” remembered Brad Pitt’s ex lover.

After Anton, Angelina Jolie was dating once more just when she satisfiedJonny Lee Miller At that factor, the starlet was currently in her 20s.

In the limelight, Anton Schneider might have gone away, yet not inHollywood He ended up being an outfit developer and also has actually worked with collection such as Mad Men and also Mike & &Molly

Following dating finished in marital relationship

Angelina Jolie and also Jonny Lee Miller satisfied in the 1995 movie Computer Pirates and also wed a year later on. The marital relationship lasted up until 1999. Years later on, in 2004, the starlet would certainly claim that the separation with the star “was one of the dumbest things” she did.

Many followers do not bear in mind, yet Miller was Angelina Jolie’s initially partner. The starlet was 21 when she wed him.

The pair made uncommon headings at the time. At their wedding event, for instance, the renowned lady used natural leather trousers and also not a white outfit.

In enhancement, Jonny Lee Miller was the initial to win a bloody homage fromAngelina Jolie Everyone recognizes that the starlet and also one more ex lover, Billy Bob Thornton, made pendants with each various other’s blood to be used around their necks.

In 2021, Angelina Jolie was seen seeingJonny Lee Miller So much, there is no info regarding whether both might be resuming their connection.