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Irinel de Le ón is the name in charge of the hairs of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and alsoChrissy Teigen Here, the hairdresser, that has curly hair, supplies all her techniques to look after and also leave the hairs stunning constantly.

Irinel de León (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @hairinel)

Irinel de Le ón (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @hairinel)

Hair regular

Irinel de León (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @hairinel)

Irinel de Le ón (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @hairinel)

“I have type 3C curls and I believe that often curly hair is left out in the industry, so I try to do as much as we can to change that.

I usually wear my hair loose and natural for a couple or three days and then i wear a coquet for the rest of the week, since I usually do many photo shoots. It’s easier to get your hair stuck so it doesn’t fall on your face.

I’ve tested thousands of products, but this routine is the one that works best for me, especially in places with a wetter climate, which helps in frizz:

1. I use a detangling spray and thermal protector to moisturize and protect the wires before using a diffuser.

2.Then I apply a little cream through all the strands and spread well through the wicks. Here, it is important that the yarn is well wet to reduce frizz.

3.Divide the hair into 5 cm strands and step an octopus brush on the strands, then sow the mechinha to give even more definition.

4. I apply a little gel to my hands and sow the threads to define the ends well, then i use a cotton t-shirt to remove excess moisture and let it dry naturally, or use a diffuser at low speed.”

What are your leading suggestions for curly hair?

Irinel de León (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @hairinel)

Irinel de Le ón indicators maddison pettis swirls (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @hairinel)

“A tip for the cwavy beebess: Avoid combing your hair right after leaving the bath. Remove the knots with your finger even before removing the conditioner, then rinse and smashe the strands to activate the natural texture. Combing after bathing causes the waves to lose shape. When applying products, always love the yarns and allow to dry naturally.

Dedoliss: If you have curls damaged by the use of flat iron or even because of coloring, bet on the dedoliss to model the strands before drying.

Store a conditioner in the refrigerator: I love storing my conditioner in the fridge and applying it cold to the hair. Because it is cold, it closes the cuticles of the yarn, ensuring more hydrated strands and avoiding frizz.”

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