Britney Spears’ boyfriend crashes new car two weeks after purchase

The partner of Britney Spears, Sam Asghari, collapsed his brand-new cars and truck– as well as confessed was his mistake. Fortunately, the 27-year-old star disclosed that no person was wounded in the occurrence.

The Black Monday celebrity uploaded a video clip to his Instagram Stories on Monday, July 19 to inform his fans concerning the mishap, as well as seized the day to clear up that he took obligation for the occurrence.

Getting down in his Jeep, he claimed, “It’s not literally two weeks since I’ve been with this baby and I’ve been involved in an accident,” he claimed.

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“Was it my fault? yes. The other person is fine, which is more important. Yes, what is good (…) When these things happen, always think it’s best to prevent the worst from happening. Always think on the bright side and enjoy life. As long as you’re okay and the other person’s fine, it’s okay. You don’t have to ruin your day because of it,” he recommended.

Britney had not been with him at the time of the occurrence. But Sam has actually been an excellent assistance for the vocalist given that she started her defend her tutoring.


And Britney Spears’ tutoring stays bordered by questionable declarations. The Sun tabloid Fernando Flores, the celebrity’s previous security personnel, disclosed that the vocalist got an once a week alcoholic drink of medicines to consume alcohol. He specified to the lorry that the medicines constantly got here on Fridays which, at the time, she sobbed frequently due to the partnership with her dad, Jamie Spears.

“I wanted to explain [para Britney] what it was all about – three antipsychotic drugs and birth control pills. She went sane to talk about parallel universes,” the security personnel claimed.

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Fernando Flores additionally disclosed that the musician was not enabled to lay off which she had the phone frequently kept track of. Besides, any person that mosted likely to see her would certainly have their possessions browsed.

Also according to the British tabloid, Fernando was employed in mid-2010 to shield the vocalist a year after Jamie Spears took control of the tutoring. He dealt with the vocalist for 8 months.

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