Cardi B hits charge of “pink money” and “queerbaiting”

The scene of Cardi B holding on to the Norman in the clip of “Wild Side” created a record on “queerbaiting” in Rolling Stone publication. It’s essentially something like“Pink Money” Cardi B really did not like it whatsoever.

According to Rolling Stone, the term “queerbaiting” (queer lure) can be specified as:“when a celebrity or public figure monetizes the suspicion that he may be romantically involved with another person of the same sex, only for publicity, publicity or financial gain” The write-up mentions names such as Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande as well as Madonna currently in the caption.

"Wild Side": see what the media says about Normani's clip with Cardi B
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Cardi B batting

Cardi B You do not assume it fits. “Queerbaiting, Rolling Stone? You know we were trying to hide a pregnant belly, right? I’m married to a man, but I’ve talked a lot about my bisexuality and my experiences with girls. Suddenly, ‘queerbaiting’ is the word of the moment and people use it for real,” tweeted this Friday (23/7).

“I don’t like that new word ‘queerbaiting’. I feel like it pressures artists to talk about their sexuality or their experiences when they don’t feel comfortable for it. If an artist kisses a girl in a clip does that mean they need to show videos and text messages exchanged with other women?”

Cardi B rebate charge of "pink money" and "queerbaiting"
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