Cardi B on bisexuality: “I have a lot to talk about”

This Friday (23 ), Cardi B made use of social media sites to air vent concerning his bisexuality. According to her, the subject leaves her with several hints to discussion. In enhancement, she exposed that she comprehends the positioning of some musicians when speaking about their intimate lives.

“I’m married, but I have a lot to talk about about my bisexuality and my experiences with women. Suddenly, ‘queerbaiting’ is a word that everyone starts using. I don’t like that word. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on artists to talk about their sexualities and experiences, that they may not be comfortable talking,” she claimed.

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In the series, the vocalist mirrored; “If a woman kisses another in a clip, does that mean she has to show her videos and messages with other women?” he asked. It deserves keeping in mind that, recently, Cardi B reported bisexual experiences.

“We never tried to cause pain or had bad intentions with music. I have personally had experiences with other women, m**da with many women! I thought the music was a good song and I remember my experience” she claimed.