Shakira confirms singles and album releases in interview

One of the uniqueness will certainly appear later on in July this year, according to the vocalist

the Vogue of Mexico induces the cover of this june the polyglot vocalist Shakira, that spoke about his occupation as well as future launches.

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Shakira noted the year 2020 being the initial Latin musician to do a program at theSuperBowl Since the program the vocalist launched the solitary “Me Gusta” as well as a collaboration with Black Eyed Peas Entitled “GIRL LIKE ME”.

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And considering that last month, some concepts that Shakira would certainly be arranging a brand-new help his solo occupation expanded a whole lot.

On Tuesday (22 ), the Vogue Mexico released its june concern with the musician. The vocalist, along with presenting perfectly for publication, approved a meeting loaded with interest.

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Learn extra regarding Shakira at Vogue as well as her brand-new launches

Shakira exposed the publication to be striving which also in the month of July we’ll be being familiar with your brand-new solitary.

“I feel very energy, a lot of desire to work and very inspired. I’m a thousand, making a lot of songs. I’m in the process of mixing the song that will come out in July”

Shakira for Vogue Mexico

The vocalist asserted to have actually taped the video for the track which it remains in the last procedure of blending.

Shakira he additionally asserted to consider himself self-critical, due to the fact that he pays attention to his tunes as well as mirrors whether he can do much better.

“I’m never fully satisfied. This dissatisfaction is not at all negative. There’s something good. I never want to go back to the way I’ve done. I want to find another side.”

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Shakira additionally verified that along with the solitary in July, extra unreleased tunes will certainly appear later on this year. A brand-new cd on 2022 as well as a future trip are additionally in their strategies.

“The songs will continue to come out throughout this year and will end up on an album that I think will be available next year. There is also a lot of desire to go out with shows again, the idea is to tour next year in the summer. I think next year I’ll be on tour again. I’m really excited about all this. After enjoying the stillness, now all activity resumes

Shakira for Vogue

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