Angelina Jolie takes photo covered in bees and gets three days without bath for rehearsal

To star in a particular photograph shoot for a National Geographic marketing campaign, actress Angelina Jolie needed to cowl up with pheromone and spend three days with out showering – all to welcome her companions to the pictures: greater than 60,000 bees. Clicked by photographer Dan Winters, the session was held to help UNESCO’s “Woman for Bees” program in partnership with guerlan’s model of skincare merchandise, looking for to attract consideration to the necessity to shield the insect on World Bee Day, celebrated on May 20.

Angelina Jolie in rehearsal with bees

One of the pictures chosen to star within the marketing campaign © Dan Winters/National Geographic

-Bees are declared crucial dwelling beings on the earth

But what does the pheromone and the shortage of bathtub should do with it? Simple: the applying of the chemical goals to draw bees to the physique, which mustn’t supply odors equivalent to shampoo, cleaning soap, lotions or different synthetic perfumes, since such smells can confuse bugs and make them assault. In addition, the actress needed to put protections within the again and ears so as to shield the holes towards the eventual entry of one of many bugs, and preserve the physique quiet and the surroundings as quiet as doable.

Angelina Jolie in rehearsal with bees

60,000 bees had been a part of the © YouTube/copy

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The essay was impressed by the long-lasting photograph “The Beekeper”, taken by Richard Avedon in 1981 not solely aesthetically, but in addition by the bee attraction approach used for the photograph 40 years in the past. The invitation for Winters to make the brand new picture with Jolie was not by probability: the photographer can be a beekeeper, and the safety of bees is a crucial trigger for him. Similarly to the actress, who in early 2021 acquired from UNESCO the title of “Godmother of the Bees” of the aforementioned humanitarian program Women for Bees, which helps empower girls to undertake in beekeeping as a method of defending and growing the inhabitants of bees on the planet.

Angelina Jolie in rehearsal with bees

To keep away from doable assaults the actress was 3 days with out a bathtub earlier than pictures © Dan Winters/National Geographic

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According to Jolie, the rehearsal naturally introduced some stress, and needed to be carried out in a darkened room and with nobody else however her, the photographer, a beekeeper technician and his 60,000 flying pals – the expertise and the end result, nevertheless, had been price it.” I’ll sound like my Buddhist practices, but it was great to be connected to these beautiful creatures,” stated the artist and activist. “Angelina was perfectly still, covered in bees for 18 minutes without a single sting. By creating this portrait exactly 40 years later [da foto de Avedon], we are not only honoring bees and beekeepers everywhere today, but also honoring Avedon, his iconic image, and the technique he used,” the photographer commented within the caption of the put up.

Angelina Jolie in rehearsal with bees

Bee safety is among the causes jolie engages © YouTube/copy