Brazilian medium who attends the UN says lula is D. Pedro 2nd reincarnated – 28/07/2021

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar squirted blood by means of his mouth and is satisfied that it was a mystical phenomenon. You’ve had a television present. He chairs an institute that, time and time once more, acts as an advisor on the UN. Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar is ready to speak about extraterrestrials, Covid’s CPI, LGBTQI+ causes and KEVIN MC in the identical discuss. It additionally raises the potential for Lula being the reincarnation of D.Pedro 2nd.

You can select learn how to correctly current the sergipano medium who lives in LaGrange, New York State (USA). The drawback is that the introductions create the picture of a personality as fragmented as far-end. Separated, they’re removed from in thoughts of their complexity.

I had by no means heard of Aguiar, till i opened Twitter and noticed a journalist telling that he had acquired, from a press officer, an invite to attend a lecture on ETs, CPI and LGBTs.

I attended such a lecture and located one thing a little bit completely different. The medium really talked about all these subjects, however with out forcing any type of metaphysical connection between such disparate topics. In basic phrases, he spoke of the existence of ETs as superior beings, praised the work executed by the CPI and made reflections on lgbts and their very own sexuality (he’s homosexual assumed).

In entrance of blue curtains, on a bench paying homage to a humble tv information, Aguiar speaks on a regular basis alone and solutions scant questions despatched by WhatsApp and YouTube chat.

“You’re close to your 40th birthday, aren’t you? My anticipated congratulations!” says Aguiar, proper initially of the dialog. In addition to understanding my birthday, he cites a few of my outdated stories to point out that he researched me.

The medium Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar at the launch of his first psychographed book: 'The Princess of the Mediterranean', in 1995 - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

The medium Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar on the launch of his first psychographed e-book: ‘The Princess of the Mediterranean’, in 1995

Image: Personal Archive

UN advisory physique

“What we do is we do is to serve people who are between the two extremes: fundamentalism and atheism,” says the 50-year-old medium, explaining in an interview the proposal of the Salto Quantico Institute, based by him in Aracaju, with nuclei within the state of New York (the place he lives as we speak), São Paulo, Recife and London.

According to Aguiar, Salto Quanântico has been selling social actions in Aracaju since 1994 and works with help to pregnant ladies and underprivileged kids, laptop courses and “women’s empowerment”, amongst different actions.

The medium has at all times spent lengthy durations within the United States and at all times needed to reside there. He moved to the nation for good in February 2020.
“Some people are more agnostic than atheist. And today they have great paths. Mindfulness, yoga?” says Aguiar in regards to the many fashionable variations of the seek for superior information.

The institute’s web site defines it as “a spiritual-Christian school of wisdom and happiness, created and chaired, on the physical level, by the medium, writer, TV presenter and international lecturer Benjamin de Aguiar, under the inspiration and supervision of his lovely Spiritual Master Eugenie.”

The institute lives on donations and disseminates messages by means of texts and lectures by Aguiar, held 4 instances per week. Since August 2018, Salto Quantico is an advisory physique with particular standing of ECOSOC, the UN Economic and Social Council.

“Our participations [na ECOSOC] are voluntary and are restricted to offering opinions on serious problems”, explains the medium. “We participated in a global forum presenting our opinions and at the CSW (Commission on the Situation of Women), where we present lectures and send written content to suggest ideas and provoke debates.”

Aguiar is cautious when speaking about ECOSOC. Whenever he mentions it, he makes some extent of emphasizing the situation of advisory physique solely. He refutes any declare that the Quantum Leap is a part of the UN. Sends a sequence of hyperlinks with articles and different supplies for instance how the partnership takes place.

Aguiar says that the social work executed by The Quantum Leap weighed on the approval of the entity, however he believes that its worldwide attain was predominant. “We reached 192 countries, especially because of our English page,” says the medium. The profile, on this case, is his himself, however he doesn’t gto personalize the recognition of the institute.

The Brazilian medium Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar, at an event at the UN world headquarters in Manhattan, New York, in 2015 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Brazilian medium Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar, at an occasion on the UN world headquarters in Manhattan, New York, in 2015

Image: Disclosure

Benjamin X Father Quevedo

The institute was born after its first contact with the Spirit Eugenia-Aspasia in 1988. The time period is a reference to one of many supposed incarnations of the spirit, within the physique of the Greek thinker Aspasia of Miletus. Since then, the curriculum has grown.

Aguiar has printed 16 books (15 psychographed) and had TV exhibits on unknown channels, with names equivalent to “Perspectives beyond death” and “Salto Quanântico”.

In 2002, he mentioned reside with Father Quevedo within the Program “Regra de Três”, from TV Caju (aracaju), about mediumship. The parapsychologist was well-known for a portray in “Fantastic” wherein he unmasked city legends and alleged religious haunts with the catchphrase “that non ecziste”. “Father Quevedo was a parapsychologist who did not believe in the spirit world. I find this very incoherent and Had hot moments with him”, remembers the medium.

The messages you obtain from past information you thru essentially the most diversified subjects. The medium has 257,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and almost 2.8 million followers on Facebook. There are movies with 4.7 million views. Only one of many lectures he provides each week is open to the general public on YouTube. The relaxation are restricted to a gaggle of simply over 300 followers.

According to the institute, about 1000 folks often attend the reside lecture in actual time.

Wickedness and delay

“What happens in Brazil today is very serious, and the spiritual advisor must manifest himself at these times,” says the medium. About different religious advisors, those that stand subsequent to what he calls a “psychopathic” president, Aguiar appeals to psychology to attempt to clarify. “I really like the thought of [Carl] Jung, and authors of his line said that Bolsonaro is a kind of representative of the psychological shadow of the country, of everything we repress in the unconscious.”

Gay assumed, the medium has been married since 2009. In his movies, he talks brazenly in regards to the topic and criticizes spiritual interpretations that result in LGBTQIA+ discrimination. He additionally defends the work of covid’s CPI and offers mild neuters in Sérgio Moro.

In Brazil as we speak, many would say that Aguiar is an agent of left-footed globalism with kardecist seasoning. An concept that amuses him, as a result of he considers himself a right-wing progressive. “What they call the right, today, especially in Brazil, is actually evil and delay,” he explains.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar in 1994, at the age of 23, when he presented a TV show about spirituality - Personal archive - Personal archive

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar in 1994, on the age of 23, when he offered a TV present about spirituality

Image: Personal archive

Lula is reincarnation?

The medium tightens the eyelids, frowns that joins the huge baldness, gestures and modulates the tone of voice in line with the severity, or lightness, of the topic addressed. In the video in regards to the potential return of D.Pedro 2nd within the physique of former President Lula, for instance, Aguiar talks for an hour and 40 minutes on different topics till dropping the “bomb”.

In the video printed in June, he appears on the digicam and performs a superior being speaking to the spirit of Brazil’s final emperor. “Since you thought it was unjust to be born in a cradle of gold, now you will be born in misery. (…) If you thought that having too much culture was unfair and that the population should themselves resolve their issues, you will have to rise to power in the race. You’re going to have to migrate as a hunger exile to São Paulo. Instead of twelve languages, you’re barely going to speak one. And since you didn’t want to pass the power to your daughter, now you’re going to pass it on to a woman. [Dilma Rousseff] who also runs the risk of being deposed, as happened to Princess Elizabeth.”

As an attuned medium, Aguiar doesn’t communicate solely in regards to the nice figures of historical past. He opens the video about MC Kevin’s dying by making a warning: “there are people who want to label as coincidence phenomena that, in terms of mathematical probability, are virtually impossible to happen.”

The phenomenon to which Aguiar refers was the message he acquired from Eugenia and shared in his lecture on the similar time that the MC suffered the deadly accident in Rio de Janeiro. The medium says all of it occurred earlier than the information was launched by the press. “The night before [ao acidente], Eugenia was very clear about people who throw themselves into the abyss, in an unconscious desire to cut off what they were living.”

Aguiar doesn’t deny his psychic qualities —doing so can be schizophrenia—however he doesn’t prefer to be thought-about a person with superpowers. He says the institute does not prepare folks to turn out to be psychics both.

“Psychic functions are dangerous because they are on the border with mental disorder. As in all areas, there are psychopaths willing to exploit the faith of another.”

Blood by means of the mouth

In a just lately printed video, Aguiar spoke for the primary time a few phenomenon that will have occurred in 2008. He obtained sick throughout an argument together with his ex-husband and spilled blood by means of his mouth. A whole lot of blood. Aguiar spent the following seven hours consulting a number of docs and specialists. He discovered no reply, and got here to the conclusion that he had underwent a mystical expertise.

“Eugenia and the beings she represents wanted to give a testimony of the speech and manifestation of Mary Christ and carried out this phenomenon,” says the medium within the video, which even has testimony from a health care provider testifying to the model.

Aguiar is visibly irritated when speaking about it. He admitted that, for the primary time, he was sick throughout the recording of a lecture. You needed to interrupt her as a result of her blood stress went up. But he didn’t repent of creating the revelation as a result of so the upper beings requested.

A couple of minutes after we turned it off, the medium despatched me a message warning that he had taken the video off the air, as a result of he had felt the identical discomfort that had triggered him throughout the lecture. “I hated talking about the phenomenon in the lecture, it was very embarrassing. My thanks to you is very honest. I reflected on it and decided to remove the video. Who had to watch, like you, has already watched,” Aguiar mentioned.

Zero lows

It was as much as a researcher from New Zealand to supply a tutorial strategy to Quantum Leap. Emma Stone’s doctoral thesis, from the University of Auckland, holds the title “God is Brazilian: a comparative study of contemporary religiosity in late modernity in Brazil”.

She dedicates a complete chapter to the institute. He interviewed people who find themselves, or have been, followers of Aguiar, they usually revealed one thing that the medium didn’t inform me, neither within the interview nor within the 33 whatsApp audios he despatched (the longest with an hour and twenty minutes lengthy): that the Quantum Leap guarantees safety to his followers towards essentially the most diversified risks. Depending on the variety of lectures attended, the individual can be protected, for instance, from ailments and accidents. Only those that adopted all would have 100% safety.

The most curious half, nonetheless, is the one which addresses the phenomenon of the absence of deaths. At the time of the research, The Quantum Leap already had 22 years of operation. Officially, no dying amongst his followers.

“We ignore these percentages of attendance because we can’t prove it. It was a statement made by the spirits”, explains Aguiar, who states that the group, even with aged folks and folks with comorbidities, went unscathed by means of the pandemic. “It’s such a bizarre surreal situation,” says the medium. “We even had people who were called to join the group, didn’t come in and died soon after.”

Aguiar considers disincarnating a present, so you will need to make clear that he didn’t imply that these folks have been punished. Still, I used to be afraid: what if he invited me into the Quantum Leap?

I assumed it greatest to elucidate my concern earlier than this occurred. “I’m not going to invite you in, it’s the spirits that invite!” replied the medium, laughing.