Maria Alice Martins says she sang demi Lovato’s song because of the lyrics: ‘It represents me a lot’ | 2021

Just learn the interpretation of the tune “This is Me“, of Demi Lovato, for Maria Alice Martins to ensure this was considered one of her favourite songs to sing on The Voice Kids.

“This part of the chorus: ‘this is real, it’s me, I’m where I should be right now’… That represents me a lot,” says the 11-year-old lady who managed to show two of the technicians’ three chairs.

The pleasure of being in actuality is nice and she or he tells how she felt on stage, even coping with all of the nervousness of the primary efficiency. “We’re expecting to turn at least one chair, and when we turned them both, wow, it was a lot of excitement!” he says.

Maria Alice Martins sings 'This Is Me'

Maria Alice Martins sings ‘This Is Me’

Gaby Amarantos and Michel Teló disputed the participant, however her coronary heart spoke louder and she or he opted for Teló on the time. Happy with the chance to work with the coach, she tells what she expects from this partnership. “I hope to learn a lot, especially to control and turn my nervousness into something good and positive.”

The transformation she so longed for has been underway since she was just a little lady, when she determined to be a singer.

“My mother says I’m the little radinho of my house. I started getting invitations to sing at the school party, in the church choir, and so it was happening. Surely my greatest achievement so far has been to have passed the sectionals of The Voice.”

‘The Voice Kids’: Maria Alice Martins selected Michel Teló as coach — Photo: Globo

It was together with her household that she discovered the help to comply with her goals and in addition the place she acquired the primary musical influences. Maria Alice says that in her dwelling you’ll be able to hear the whole lot from the backcountry to worldwide music, and that is why she can also be like that. “My family is very musical, I grew up listening to various styles,” he says.

Pop is her favourite and she or he likes artists like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Camilla Cabello and Jão. Among her goals is to make a musical with folks she likes and admires, similar to “Henrique Bonadio and Clarah Passos, participants of this year’s TVK, and friends of the choir Julia and Manuela.”

Finally, he says what he expects from this system: “Having a lot of learning, making friends and having fun.”