Olivia Rodrigo says Cardi B inspires her and rapper sends message

After speaking concerning the influences of Lord in his profession, Olivia Rodrigo caught the attention by praising Cardi B throughout an interview with Apple Music. The 18-year-old claimed to really feel “lucky to be a young woman at the time Cardi is making music” and obtained numerous recommendation from the veteran.

(Photo: Internet Playback)

When speaking about Cardi B, Olivia mentioned, “She encourages me to say what I want and to be honest in telling my story.”

The assertion resonated, reaching out to the rapper herself: “You’re doing very well for your age,” he mentioned, including some recommendation for the younger lady’s future within the music trade.

“Don’t let any toxic m*rda reach you and don’t let anyone restrict you from having your opinion.”

In a second tweet, Cardi he wrote, “People will hate you because of the way other people love you.”

It was not clear whether or not the speech was additionally directed to Olivia, however it’s nonetheless an important message.

No one-hit-wonder! Olivia Rodrigo emplaca second hit

The phenomenal success of “license drivers” put Olivia Rodrigo in proof amongst pop music followers world wide. But the singer has already proved that it will not be a one-hit-wonder. His second single, “Deja Vu“, reached the Top 5 of spotify’s international charts.

This, subsequently, is the second entry of Olivia within the Top 5 of the worldwide record in 2021. “license drivers” reached #1 and has surpassed greater than 642 million streams on Spotify alone.

E “Deja Vu” follows the identical path, recording over 3.6 million reproductions. Olivia Rodrigo is having a fantastic profession begin, sure or in fact?

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