Curiosities | The 14th anniversary of ‘Stardust – The Mystery of the Star’

‘Stardust – The Mystery of the Star’ continues, to this present day, as probably the most beloved productions of the incredible setting. Based on the novel of the legendary namesake Neil Gaiman, the narrative delivered to theaters by Matthew Vaughn delighted spectators around the globe by taking us to the magical world of Stormhold.

Starring names like Claire Danes, Charlie Cox and Michelle Pfeiffer, the story centered on Tristan, a troubled younger man who crosses paths with a taking pictures star named Yvaine, has received quite a few accolades from critics and took a strong quantity of award dwelling – together with a Hugo Award and a GLAAD Award.

To have fun its 14th anniversary, the Cinepop separated a listing with varied behind-the-scenes curiosities, which you’ll be able to take a look at under:

  • All princes’ garments are constructed in a sample that spells their numbers into the lineage in Roman numerals, composed of smaller numbers following the Arabic sample. In addition, Septimus (Mark Strong) wears a gown with the quantity seven on every button.
  • Vaughn had large issue taking pictures the scenes on the inn the place Lamia (Pfeiffer) intercepts Yvaine (Danes), Tristan (Cox) and Primus (Jason Flemyng). There had been few days when multiple solid member was accessible for filming. He used a number of substitutes in close by framings to offer the impression that everybody was current.

  • Pfeiffer was Vaughn’s first and solely alternative for the position of Lamia the Witch Queen. He’s been a fan of the actress since he noticed her appearing in ‘Grease 2: The Shining Times Are Back’.
  • The glass knife utilized by Lamia, just like a scimitar, was initially created by Vaughn for the mutant Magneto (Ian McKellen) in ‘X-Men: The Final Showdown’. However, the thing was by no means used.
  • Cox suffered a minor damage whereas filming the climate sequence of the battle towards witches, when an enormous vase fell on him and knocked him unconscious.

  • When Vaughn introduced the concept of the function movie to the executives of the Paramount Pictures, the studio needed a extra well-known identify, akin to Orlando Bloom or Ben Barnes, to play Tristan. It wasn’t till Vaughn appeared Robert De Niro, Pfeiffer and Danes that Paramount agreed to offer the position to Cox.
  • The three witches are named after demonic creatures from Greek mythology. Lamia and Mormo are demons that feed on kids (the latter being the ex-mistress of Zeus, the daddy of the gods); Empusa, in flip, was a creature despatched by the goddess Hecate to devour vacationers.
  • Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba obtained presents to play Yvaine. All declined and the position was given to Danes, who received a number of accolades for the efficiency.

  • In the top, when Una (Kate Magowan) tells Tristan that he’s the final dwelling inheritor to stormhold’s lathe, the spirits of the useless brothers float up and disappear. However, certainly one of them, turning right into a crimson dot, floats down – presumably Septimus, whereas he was essentially the most vile and impetuous of the brothers.
  • The particular results of ‘Stardust’ they’re completely superb – however a lot of the sequences did not want any therapy as they had been rotated in genuine medieval cities together with the Highlands and the Isle of Skye in Scotland, in addition to areas in Iceland and historic Elm Hill in England.

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