Director protests against MGM after having film ‘buried’ due to johnny depp’s participation – Film news

After leaving the Fantastic Beasts franchise, Johnny Depp’s assault on ex-wife Amber Heard mirrored in one other movie.

Johnny Depp’s assault case in opposition to ex-wife Amber Heard prompted the actor to be faraway from the Fantastic Beasts franchise, however that wasn’t the one consequence. In an open letter, Andrew Levitas, minamata’s director and screenwriter, accused mgm of burying his new movie attributable to johnny depp’s participation. According to Deadline, the function movie was purported to be launched in February this 12 months, however up to now has not even been launched.

Minamata follows the story of a journalist, performed by Johnny Depp, who reveals how chisso company would have been liable for poisoning a number of folks in Japan after appearing negligently by pouring mercury into the ocean — an motion that prompted the contamination of fish and, consequently, the inhabitants.

“MGM should bring to light the suffering of thousands of victims of one of the most heinous pollution incidents the world has ever seen. By re-exposing their pain by sharing their stories, this long-marginalized community hoped for one thing: to take this story out of the shadows so that other innocents will never be affected as they were… and it seemed that at that moment, with mgm’s partnership, a decades-long desire was finally coming true.”

MGM could be involved about damaging repercussions

Johnny Depp in Minamata.

The director continued, stating that MGM —liable for distributing movies corresponding to Legally Blonde, Toy Killer and The Silence of the Lambs—was extra involved concerning the damaging repercussions johnny depp’s home violence scandal might trigger, than with the constructive social results the movie would promote:

“Now, imagine how devastated they were when they learned last week that, despite a successful global release, MGM decided to ‘bury the film’ because it was concerned about the possibility of a film actor’s personal problems reflecting negatively on them and that, from MGM’s perspective, the victims and their families were secondary to it.”

“We sat down with Tomoko Uemura’s father in Minamata as he spoke in a deeply sore voice. A pain no one should feel. The pain of a lost child, a child who suffered every day of his life. A child who was one of many born with horrible deformities because a large corporation did not fulfill its moral obligation to humanity, decency and justice. He spoke with wisdom, tenderness and unimaginable dignity.”

MGM spokesperson responded to the accusations

Finally, he appealed to MGM, asking the producer to think about the struggling of the victims and retract. “Yes, you have the right to bury their stories as many have done before, but you have a moral obligation to do better than that, and at the very least, we implore you to speak directly to Mr. Uemura and the other victims and offer them the dignity of understanding firsthand why you believe that an actor’s personal life is more important than your dead children. , his brothers, his parents and all the victims of industrial pollution and corporate prevarication.”

Deadline contacted MGM for the suitable to re-enter, and an organization spokesperson stated that Minamata can be launched, as deliberate from the start. “The film was acquired for release by American International Pictures (AIP), a division of MGM that handles the daily releases. Minamata remains among the future releases of AIP and, at this time, the release date of the film in the USA is being announced.”