Jai Courtney teases Marvel during film release

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The Suicide Squad is coming, inflicting these concerned within the manufacturing to take part in a number of interviews for dissemination of the movie. Recently, the solid spoke to the Jakes Takes (through ComicBookMovie), being requested a few crossover Of Marvel and the anno Domini. The query requested every solid member to recommend a personality from the opposite writer they want to see as a part of the Task Force X. The reply that stood out, nevertheless, was that of Jai Courtney, Captain Boomerang, who selected to make a provocation to the rival studio.

Answering the query, Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag) instructed Thor, Margot Robbie (Arlequina) spoke Deadpool, Nathan Fillion (TDK) selected the Vulture and Daniela Melchior (Rat-Hunting II) stated Peter Quill. Courtney, nevertheless, answered solely “F*da up marvel!”, teasing the studio with the joke and barely containing his laughs. You can take a look at the solid responses within the video under:

Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Jai Courtney in Suicide Squad (2016).

The remark could have been a reference to David Ayer, director of the primary Suicide Squad. At the movie’s premiere in 2016, he shouted the identical factor to the viewers in response to the numerous shouts that stated the identical factor. Despite this, Ayer quickly apologized via the Twitter, claiming to have let himself be carried away by the second and claiming to respect the filmmakers who work with the opposite studio.

Courtney interpreted the Captain Boomerang within the movie directed by Ayer and can return to the function in manufacturing commanded by James Gunn. The movie just isn’t a direct sequel, having been launched as a mushy reboot.

The Suicide Squad debut in Brazil day August 5 in theaters. In the United States, the movie might be launched the next day, each in theaters and in HBO Max.

Meet the characters who will star within the movie right here: