Mila Kunis regrets not letting Ashton Kutcher travel into space

Mila Kunis regrets telling Ashton Kutcher that he was not allowed to enter area.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

The film star satisfied her husband, 43, that turning into an area vacationer was not a good suggestion, as on the time the couple had simply welcomed their first baby, Wyatt, now six.

Now, Mila – who can also be the mom of four-year-old Dimitri – admits she regrets having pressured her associate to eliminate her ‘Virgin Galactic’ airfare.

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“Nine years ago he said, ‘I have a ticket to go into space.’ andu reacted like, ‘Oh, okay. That’s cool, have fun.’ It’s been years, all of a sudden, we have a baby and he’s like, ‘I’m going into space.’  And I said, ‘That’s irresponsible, you can’t do that. Now you’re a father.’ Anyway, I just thought he was going to die and I was going to have the baby alone,” the actress stated in an interview with People journal.

Mila then requested Ashton to return the ticket and the star ultimately agreed, however now the muse thinks she may have been extra versatile along with her husband.

“I hate to have done this. I’m also a big fan of Star Trek. The fact that I didn’t let him go into space was very selfish of me, but I was a young mother and I thought, ‘You can’t leave me alone with the baby.’ That’s why that decision was made. I want everyone to know i probably would have let him go into space now, but it’s too late,” the star lamented.