Jennifer Aniston says she cut off relationships with those who refused to vaccinate against covid

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram

Jennifer Aniston (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

The worldwide actress Jennifer Aniston, like Brazil’s Carol Castro and Iza, stated it severed relationships with individuals who refused to vaccinate towards the brand new coronavirus. In an interview with InStyl Magazine, she stated she did not have time for anti-vaccine individuals who do not hearken to science.

“There is still a large group of people who are anti-vaccine or simply do not listen to the facts. That’s too bad. I just lost some people who were part of my day-to-day life who refused or didn’t reveal whether they were vaccinated or not, and it was unfortunate,” Aniston stated.

“I feel it is your moral and professional obligation to tell whether you have been vaccinated or not, since we are not all cumandered and being tested every day. It’s complicated because everyone is entitled to their own opinion —but many opinions don’t seem based on anything except fear or propaganda,” he continued.

The artist concluded by saying that she spent a lot of the pandemic following the information, however needed to take a break because of her psychological well being: “We all went through the fatigue of the news and panic during the pandemic, because we hoped one day to wake up and hear something hopeful, and all we got was more crazy.”

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