Original finale of The Simpsons is revealed and is in episode

The Simpsons practically completed of their twenty third season, however had been ultimately saved by efforts from their very own group and voice appearing forged. The episode that may finish the sequence was aired, it’s the ninth chapter of the twenty third season, Holidays of Future Passed.

In the episode, which takes place principally 25 years sooner or later, we see Bart and Lisa visiting their dad and mom with their very own youngsters at Christmas. Maggie, who’s pregnant, goes into labor.

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Meanwhile, Bart has divorced his spouse, Jenda and is attempting to be a greater father to his two youngsters. Lisa, then again, cannot join along with her teenage daughter, Zia.

The Simpsons’ longtime producer and screenwriter Mike Reiss even talked about that point that got here near being canceled.

“There came a point where the program would be cancelled, the ratings were still good, but the program had become extremely expensive. We’ve been on the air for 25 years, everyone got a small raise every year and these increases piled up and we were the most expensive half-hour show on TV. Fox would cancel,” Reiss advised Metro UK.

“We did the Simpsons Christmas episode set 25 years into the future. He showed that it had happened to the family,” the producer continued. “We said, ‘that’s it, here’s our last episode.’ It seemed so perfect. So we were renewed for another season.”

The Simpsons was saved

He revealed that the forged and crew agreed to have their salaries diminished to ensure that the sequence to proceed to air.

“Everyone on the show in general had a 30% pay cut, which shows how much we love doing the show – every person from top to bottom had a cut to keep working there.”

The manufacturing of The Simpsons even thought-about not airing the episode Holidays of Future Passed, put it aside to complete the sequence. But that did not occur.

“We thought about keeping this great ending, but we thought, ‘what if we’re never canceled?’. It would have been a good ending to the show,” mentioned the producer.

In Brazil, The Simpsons is aired on the Star Channel. In addition, some seasons of the animated sequence are actually obtainable on Disney+.