The Rock jokes about having Emily Blunt in Black Adam: “Betty White”

During an interview to advertise Jungle Cruise, new movie of the Disney impressed by an attraction of the studio parks (within the mildew of the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt commented on the actress’s shocking absence from productions of the Marvel Studios or the ANNO DOMINI. The actor, who stars Adam Black, even took wave with the concept of convincing the colleague to behave in a sequence. The data is from the Collider.

“You’ll be White Betty, I’m sure. It’s going to be amazing, everyone’s going to love it.”, joked Johnson, who revealed that he tried to fire up Blunt’s curiosity in superhero movies whereas filming DC’s new super-production. “Look, I sent Emily several pictures from the set of Black Adam, and obviously she has a great relationship with Jeume Collet-Serra, who is our director on Jungle Cruise to whom I made the DC movie as well”Said.

“I’ve always been very, very impressed with the choices Emily made. Now that I’ve known her better and become best friends, I can look back and see that what’s as important as that is what she turned down, which is what put her in the position she’s in today.”, developed “The Rock”.

Finally, Blunt defined what would make her give you an invite to star in a superhero film, whether or not it was for Marvel or DC: “It’s always about the story and being able to play a character i haven’t done yet. It’s not something I’ve felt inclined to do before, but it’s not something I refuse to do at all. It’s just that it’s never been the right time, or the right project.”, stated the actress.

In Jungle CruiseFrank, or Francisco, is a ship captain cursed by immortality, who accompanies the fearless Lily, a scientist, in her seek for the tree of life, a mystical plant that gives magical therapeutic powers. Paul Giamatti lives a grumpy boat fleet proprietor.

The movie is impressed by one of many oldest sights of Disney theme parks, the place individuals journey aboard a picturesque boat by a jungle populated with unique animals.

The adaptation of Jungle Cruise for the cinemas has a script of the double John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (This is Us). The premiere was for July 29 in theaters, and for the thirtieth within the Premier Access of the Disney+.